Children Photography that captures Character and tells a Story

No two children are the same, and no two photo sessions are similar. Looking for authentic and natural images that capture your child's personality and your special band? Together we can create artistic portraits that tell your story.

Did you know that...

A prominent portrait (or, better, a series of portraits) of your child and family on the wall means more to the child than hundreds of digital images on your desktop, gadgets or the social media. Psychological research had shown that for a child seeing their portrait proudly displayed in the house is a proven indication of their importance, a manifestation of your love. As if it confirms a child's place in the family and in your heart. Tangible portraits promote self-esteem and sense of belonging. They help your child grow up more confident and keep more happy memories from their childhood.

Most people said if their house was on fire, the objects they'd rescue first would be their family portraits and albums. The memories and feelings they hold are priceless.

These days most parents have large amounts of (mostly digital) photos of their children. But how many of these images look into your child’s inner personality and will be treasured after twenty or fifty years? It is timeless portraits capturing one's personality and family in a genuine way that become your visual legacy,  your family heritage.

Keys to Memory and to the Self

When you are 30, a year means 3% of your past. For a two-year old one year accounts for the half of their existence in this world. Childhood is full of bright emotions and discoveries. However, most people keep few vivid memories from their first decade, let alone early years (this has to do with how the brain grows). This special age is covered in fog. This is where photography comes in:

Children's photography is not only about cute pictures. Portraits made with empathy and respect capture genuine emotions and expressions and reveal your child’s character. Such portraits are a lasting proof of your love for your children. These photos can grab you and take you into their world. Like some kind of time capsule, years and decades later it will bring back memories and feelings that would be lost otherwise. Ultimately, children's and family photography helps us better understand who we are and where we come from

Children Photography in Natural Environment

The right environment allows children (and their parents) to be more at ease. This brings out more genuine expressions. That is why I often travel to clients’ homes (in the country and abroad) to photograph children in their natural habitat.

Such images usually include authentic elements that will later help your child recall the whole atmosphere of these days. Details of the house or the garden, toys, furniture – they all suit as memory anchors. 

Outdoor environment is also great for children photography. Think of that park nearby where your child often plays. Or consider new inspirational and exciting places: the beach, a forest, lake, or the dunes.

Individual approach

I fully concentrate on your child and family, observe and get to know them. To me, a good child or family portait is not about cuteness but about personality, about moments and emotions that are meaningful.

We do not rush and usually spend more than an hour at our photo session. Freedom and self-expression are key. We explore and have fun.

Think about that personal attention your children deserve and don't postpone that gift of love for your child. No need to wait for a special occasion here: a photo session is fun and means quality time with your family.

Photo sessions are exciting and might seem a bit overwhelming for a perfectionist parent. To make your photo shoot a "zen" experience, I offer a full satisfaction guarantee. Here you can read more it and my other service.

Call me to chat about your ideas for a photo session. I look forward to hearing from you!

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