Dreamy, Retro, Nostalgic: Portrait Photography Tips

A free photography eBook for you!

Creating artistic portraits is my way to make people happy and something I enjoy in itself: all stages of it. I want to share my passion with you and that’s why I have written an eBook about dreamy, retro and nostalgic portraits – these styles are among my favorites.

Do you want to improve your portraits skills or simply look into my bag of tricks? In this eBook we will look at how images with a particular mood emerge: at the role of the interaction, environment, composition, lighting, techniques, digital enhancement, and so forth.

Features of this eBook:

  • a unique topic;
  • 50+ pages of illustrated material;
  • tips for both beginners and for more advanced photographers;
  • it covers what is important before, during and after the photo shoot;
  • it discusses both candid and staged photography.

A few reactions from the readers

"A great resource for portrait novices, chock-full of valuable information and tips, and giving useful examples: a winner!"
Gabi Helfert, photographer, Rotterdam
"This eBook is very well structured and written clearly but not simplistically. It is also written in human language and introduces technical details in such a way that it doesn’t scare away a beginner and someone from the humanities background, like myself. It’s VERY useful!!! Thanks a lot!"
Tatiana, Ittendorf, Germany
"What an inspiring eBook! I liked it that Olga not only explains the technique but also gives you practical tips. I got a lot of ideas and can start practicing now. And maybe I should also have a nostalgic portrait made of myself as well!"
Karen, Rotterdam 
"To say it in one word: WOW! A terrific book with wonderful photos and great explanation."
Myra, Pijnakker

Mentoring and individual workshops

Are you an amateur photographer or a starting pro looking for personal feedback and advise? Such as photography techniques, image processing and creative enhancement, building portfolio, improving your workflow or various aspects of photography business? I would be happy to help you further via personal photography workshops (private or in small groups) or one-on-one mentoring (face to face or via Skype). Here you will find further information about the options and a questionnaire to fill in.

Group workshops often contain materials you already know and stuff that might be hard to understand or to memorize right away. And it's not always possible to ask all questions you get or to receive detailed feedback on your work. Now imagine that it can be all about you and your specific needs!

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