Photo reportages with a Story to tell

If a single artistic portrait could be compared to a poem, than a series of images would make a story.

A personalized photo shoot often results in a wonderful reportage about you or your family. The already beautiful images are connected by the same moment and situation and receive additional meaning when placed next to each other. Together they bring back the atmosphere of the day and literally tell a story.

It is a waste to have this story hidden somewhere in the depths of your computer. A photo book offers a great solution here. It is tangible and gives you a nostalgic feeling when you hold it in your hands. You can place it on a coffee table and proudly present it to your guests. It is a beautiful and very personal gift for your family as well.

A professional photo book is not just a set of images placed together and printed on demand by one of the available services. You do not just want popular consumer templates, clipart and backgrounds. Your special photo reportage deserves customized approach. I carefully put your photo book together to present your story in an authentic and timeless manner.

Custom design means your photo book - like your portrait session - will be one of a kind.

The gallery below gives you an example of a custom designed photo album of a family photo reportage. As you can see, bad weather is not an obstacle for a great photo session!

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