Planning your portrait photo session: Questions and Answers

- What to wear?

This depends on the type of session. In most situations I suggest a classic and timeless style but fashion and bright colors are also great. It is important that there are no strong prints or logos on your clothes that could distract attention from your person.

For couples and families it is good to have some harmony between the outfits. But it should not be overdone. Wearing similar clothes (like once popular blue jeans + white blouse) can easily look artificial and standard, unless this is what you wear in daily life.

Accessories and props can help to accentuate one’s individuality. So think of hats, scarves, toys, music instruments, vintage items that are special to you…

We can discuss your clothing options in advance. I may further help you on this matter during the session (if it starts in your home). In most cases there is a possibility to try several outfits and this can be a lot of fun!

For beauty shoots, I can help with makeup at no extra charge. It is also possible to invite a makeup artist.

- How long does it take before I can see images?

I find it important that you receive the results of our session quickly. But it is also essential that I have enough time to do perfect editing for you! I try my best to get all images ready for viewing in two weeks from the session (unless agreed differently).

- How long in advance should I book?

I recommend booking a session at least a month in advance.

- What makes custom photography so special?

Professional photographic service involves not only technical expertise, years of shooting experience and editing skills. A good portrait photographer must also possess the talent to get people comfortable in front of the camera, and have an “eye” to understand what light, angles, and expressions show you at your best. It takes concentration and empathy to anticipate and capture the “right” movements. All this is true for professional photography in general.

This applies even more to custom photography that by its very definition concentrates on each single client. It is different from a short studio visit and basic photo editing. You get additional time, comfort, freedom, and above all – each session is individualized and allows the photographer to give you true attention (both in the shooting and editing phase). No wonder that a dedicated session yields unique and special images! And those images will be associated with real emotion and fun experience – not just with a standard studio visit.

- I am not photogenic…

Does that mean you hardly have any good images of yourself? Or even that you have given up and avoid being photographed? This actually sounds like you urgently need a photographer who will finally give you time and attention! I love to prove the myths of “non-photogenic” wrong: that makes me extra happy and can give you a good feeling too, I am sure!

- Do you charge extra for special processing such as “glamour” look?

Showing one’s beauty is an essential part of my portrait style. When you book a session with me you know that all necessary retouching and enhancement is included. If you want a “Hollywood” look, I can apply it in a natural way, so that you do not look “plastic” – all at no extra charge.

- Does the session fee include prints?

Yes, a medium-sized (20 x 30 cm) art print is already included in the session fee.

- Do your prices include VAT (BTW)?

Yes, the session fee and all other prices already include VAT, so there are no extra hidden costs for you.

- Are there any ways to reduce the price?

I offer payment plans so that you one can enjoy a more extensive image collection without going out of one’s regular monthly budget.

The costs of a session fee can be shared with another person by splitting a regular session in two mini-sessions at the same location. This is only possible for grownups and not possible for sessions with children or groups. A combined session will result in two separate reportages; therefore the shared costs apply to the session fee alone.

In some cases, the price can be reduced or the photo shoot can even be free: when the client signs a model release and allows for the commercial usage of images. The amount of reduction depends on the type of session and is to be discussed in advance.

- Do you include digital files in your packages?

When you go for artistic portraits and special reportages, it is high quality prints and albums are need, not just more megabytes on your PC. I control the whole production process and ensure that the images are presented in a perfect way.

You also want to share your images on the social media, so several digital images for social sharing are included in the session fee, more can be obtained as part of various collections. Print resolution files are also available for purchase: separately or as a part of various collections. 

- Which products do you recommend?

I certainly recommend prints that are large enough to display in a room, and custom designed family and portrait albums. Albums are particularly great for storytelling reportages and as a gift.

- Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, I also offer gift certificates! Please contact me for more details.

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