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Zinzi: A lifestyle photo shoot in The Hague

A day in the life photo sessions belong to my favorite kinds as they are so full of possibilities. They are perfect for elaborate family reportages and loveshoots with many activities and locations. But it is an excellent option for individual photo shoots as well. It gives you plenty of time to combine indoor and outdoor portraits, visiting several locations and, of course, using more outfits.

Today I want to share some portraits from a half-day photo session I had with beautiful Zinzi in the centre of The Hague. Zinzi wanted to treat herself with a fun and relaxed lifestyle photo shoot. She has artistic taste and a wonderful sense of style, and it was a great pleasure for me to photograph such a lovely and gracious model.



Women Portraiture in Antwerp

In the previous post I told you about a wonderful friendship photo session in Antwerp. My models were two beautiful and elegant ladies, and of course we combined photos together with solo portraits. The ladies prepared a couple of outfits to wear in the garden and indoors. This variation of place and colors added up to the overall fun we had with this photoshoot. A real girls’ time together.

Take a look at some of the photos. These ladies are awesome. They are not only beautiful but also confident and have their own style.



Friendship photo session in Antwerp

Having a photo session together is a wonderful way to celebrate those special bands within a family or a couple, between siblings or friends.

Today I want to feature a friendship photo session with two beautiful ladies in Antwerp. You can call their friendship life-long, as the girls became best friends already at the nursery school! Decennia later when the ladies live relatively far from each other (one in Belgium and the other in the Netherlands) this friendship is as warm as ever.



Natural and Poetic Portrait Photoshoot in Rotterdam

Today is a special day to feature the photo session of the beautiful Nicole.

Nicole came to Rotterdam from China to study at the RSM Erasmus University. Now she is graduating from the research master programme and will soon leave the Netherlands.

Nicole told me she was first searching for a good professional portrait to use for the career and social media purposes, when she came across my website and realized she could also do something special: a more romantic photo session to mark her master graduation and the end of her student years in Rotterdam. I was excited to hear Nicole was thinking of a whole album filled with beautiful portraits to commemorate that time and place.

classic and nostalgic portrait with fashion flair

Take a look at the portraits we made on a summer morning at the Arboretum Trompenburg park not far from the Erasmus University. Nicole is not only intelligent and a natural flawless beauty. She moves so gracefully and radiates inner beauty and serenity at every step. You would hardly believe this was Nicole’s first professional photo shoot, so natural and calm she was.


Antwerp Portrait Photography

My client for this photo shoot is a coach. She was looking for a new profile photo for her website. A photo that would reflect her warm personality and friendly approach. Here is a mix of professional and personal portraits we made in a lovely garden in the surrounding of Antwerp. A natural beauty with a piece of beautiful nature around: isn’t it perfect? Photographing this lovely lady was a pleasure: she is not only a gorgeous woman but a lovely person as well. I hope the images show that.



Girl Power

Dear all and especially, dear ladies,

Today’s photo story is about a reportage for a new website and blog

Portrait of three beautiful women in the spotlight.

This website is made by real women for real women. It is not about the duty of being perfect, but about things we deal with in our daily lives. The project is run by three beautiful ladies representing different sides of a modern woman’s life. Josefina Vos who initiated this project is an ambassador of a foundation and a mother of three fantastic children with whom we had a wonder reportage some time ago.

The motto of the blog is: “Be your OWN kind of beautiful”.


Liesbeth: a Birthday Portrait Session

Giving a photo shoot as a gift to your wife or girl-friend is a wonderful idea. Most ladies like the idea of being a star for a day and getting beautiful portraits of themselves. Your present consists of two parts, both of them unique: the fun non-everyday experience and professional portraits that will remain.

Lovely Liesbeth got a portrait session as a birthday present from her husband Berend. Both Liesbeth and Berend prefer clean black and white portraits and wanted a large print on the wall. We held the photo session at Leisbeth’s house on her birthday. It was fun to play with different outfits. And all looks fitted Liesbeth’s natural beauty: fresh, classic, elegant.

black and white portrait of a woman


November Dreams: Romantic Portraits in Rotterdam

My recent post featuring a portrait session was about sunny moments in November. Today I wanted to show more autumn images from that session.

It was a lot of fun to create different stories with our photos while walking through a charming little nature resort at the edge of Rotterdam. We made nostalgic, dreamy and fashion inspired portraits all in one day.

So here is part two: autumn dreams in the wood and on a small beach at the Maas river bank.

Nostalgic black and white portrait of an Asian girl in an autumn park


Bianca: Anniversary Portraits

Bianca wanted a photo session – to have some fresh portraits on the wall, give special presents to her husband and family, and also to treat herself for her forthcoming 50th anniversary! A great occasion for a personal photo session, indeed!

Colourful portrait of a lady in a park


Friendship and Glamour: Rotterdam Girlfriends Photo reportage

Ariadne, Astrid, Carla and Willemien know each other since early childhood and have just celebrated their fifty years of friendship! To cherish friendship for half a century is an amazing gift.

Photo of four elegant ladies having picnic.


Street and Sensuality: The Hague Portrait Photography

In the previous post I shared some images of lovely Marina at the Palace Park in The Hague. After the park we also took a small walk through the streets of The Hague. This added an entirely different style and mood to our photo session.

Artistic black and white street portrait of a young woman about to kiss her own reflection in a shop window.

I am crazy about reflections in the shop windows (here you can see my fine art project on reflections in a book form) – so I incorporated them in Marina’s portraits. A double shot of beauty and a fun effect. Here are some images from our street collection.


In the Palace Park: The Hague Portrait Photography

Marina received a photo session with me as a birthday present from her friends. A solo portrait reportage once in while is something I would recommend to each lady. It is a great way to escape the routine of daily life and to celebrate being yourself and being a woman.

Portrait with fashion flair: a girl in a park


Style and the City: Business Portrait Session in Rotterdam

This beautiful lady is life coach based in Rotterdam. She needed new professional portraits for her website and thought about a photo shoot at an outdoor urban location. Rotterdam with its dynamic, friendly and colorful streets and harbors was a perfect place for our photo session. The result is a variety of portraits, both business and fun ones. My client’s elegant style added a kind of fashion flair to the photos, which I really like.

Portrait of an elegant lady with color lights in the background


Dreamy and Nostalgic: Portrait Photography in Zeeland

In this post I would like to feature beautiful Eva – some solo portraits I made of her during the family photo session in Zeeland.

Mysterious portrait of young woman walking through a forest with strangely bent trees, a kind of enchanted forest


Ambience and Elegance: Capelle aan den IJssel Portrait Reportage

A personal portrait session is a special experience, and it yields images that will remain. Doesn’t this feel like a perfect birthday treat – not only to give to the others but sometimes also to your own busy self? A little break in hectic daily life, a moment of fun, beautiful photographs for your wall art collection, special presents for family and friends…

Black and white portrait of an elegant lady in front of a mirror.


The Beauty of Expecting: Maternity Photography in Utrecht

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a photo session.

It is about welcoming the new life, about love and tenderness for the baby already before it is born. It is also about femininity, the beautiful curves and about that special glow on the faces of the mother-to-be and the family…

Elske and her husband are a beautiful couple expecting their first baby. They often walk in Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen in the surroundings of Utrecht and had chosen it as the location for their special photo session. It is a historical estate with a huge park, fields and beautiful mansions – so classic and romantic! And we had a pleasant summer day as well!

Portrait of a beautiful and elegantly dressed pregant woman in a park.


Limburg Portrait photography: Jeune, naturelle, charmant

Maaike is eighteen years old and has just started a new chapter in her life: she recently moved from her parents’ house to study at the University of Utrecht.

Time for a photo session and for new portraits of Maaike to decorate her parents’ house. This house was also chosen as our location: a picturesque place in Meerlo, North Limburg, in the midst of nature. A view on the fields, a garden with apple and pear trees, and a feeling of piece and freedom.

When we scheduled this photo session we expected that the beginning of April would be sunnier and more spring-like. But it felt more like last days of winter: so cold, clear and quiet… Maaike and me actually liked this melancholic moment before the awakening of nature. After making portraits inside the house we proceeded with a photo session in the garden and at a small pond nearby.

Portrait of a smiling girl with short hair.


Stylish and Sensual: Rotterdam fashion photography

Here is the second part of the photo shoot of the beautiful Galina (see the first part of this fashion-like photo session if you have missed it).

In a single photo session gorgeous Galina appeared in different styles: fashion, classic, natural, romantic, sensual, even vamp!

Here are some photos:

Classic black and white portrait of a beautiful woman.


Zest and Allure: A Fashion-style photo shoot in Rotterdam

I am back with the second part of our “beauty in the park” photo session.

Playing with different outfits in a park – a public place, even if it was rather quiet – felt refreshingly naughty. Already this feeling alone makes the experience worth trying!

Fashion photo of an elegantly dressed young lady lying on a bench in a prak.


The Yellow Dress: A portrait session in Rotterdam

Special gift and fashion fun

Even beauty queens need a personal photo session to make a break and simply feel like a woman! And, of course, to create memories.

Galina is a stunning beauty and had once been elected a beauty queen back in the Ukraine where she originally comes from. A group of friends gave her a portrait session as a birthday present. The ladies decided – and I could not agree more – that it is a special gift that would offer their friend both fun experience and tangible and unique images that will remain.

Portrait of a beautiful young lady with long blond hair. Her yellow dress evokes the style of the seventees.