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Business portrait in Rotterdam

Els needed a new business portrait for her work and LinkedIn profile and contacted me to arrange a session at her home in Rotterdam. She was looking for classic simple backgrounds and a natural setting. One’s own space is often a good location for such photo shoot, and the portraits we made with Els are a prefect example. Here are a few favourites.



Janine’s photo session in Rotterdam

Janine is a young business woman. She was looking for professional headshots for her website but had also thought of some nice new portraits for herself and her family.

I often combine business and portrait photography in one photo session and always find out in advance what it is you want to express and what mood to achieve. Janine is an active and energetic person who preferred an outdoor photoshoot with relaxed atmosphere and elements of nature around. We had chosen the Euromast park in Rotterdam as our location, as it suited our plans very well.

young business woman with a friendly smile


Women Portraiture in Antwerp

In the previous post I told you about a wonderful friendship photo session in Antwerp. My models were two beautiful and elegant ladies, and of course we combined photos together with solo portraits. The ladies prepared a couple of outfits to wear in the garden and indoors. This variation of place and colors added up to the overall fun we had with this photoshoot. A real girls’ time together.

Take a look at some of the photos. These ladies are awesome. They are not only beautiful but also confident and have their own style.



Jeannette’s winter photoshoot in Maastricht: part 2

Today I want to share more photos from Jeannette’s photo session in Maastricht.



Jeannette: Winter photoshoot in Maastricht

Jeannette wanted to give herself a special birthday present: an artistic photo session. Being an adventurous spirit inspired by nature, Jeannette thought of an outdoor location. She grew up and lives in Maastricht and enjoys the beautiful nature of South Limburg. That made our choice of location easy: Pietersplas, a nature resort on the Maas next to the Maastricht Marina.



Photo session with a Glass Artist

Ria is a glass artist based in Hoenderloo in Gelderland. She was looking for portraits of herself together with her artworks to use for media coverage about her. I always enjoy working with creative professionals and love glass art, so I was immediately excited about this photo session.



Marc: Business Portrait in Rotterdam

Today I’d like to share some photos from a business portrait photoshoot I had in Rotterdam last summer.


Most professionals require good portraits to be used online, on their business or corporate websites as well as on various social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. A photo is an essential part of your professional presentation and wider personal branding. Authenticity is an important part of it, and more business people are currently choosing less formal portraits to express their personality in a more natural way.

Marc approached me to make some portraits. He is an entrepreneur and was looking for new photos for both his website and social media, ideally, a variety of images ranging from more relaxed to more businesslike. Marc preferred a natural feel for the whole series and chose an outdoor setting.


Anya: Portraits of an Artist

The portrait series I want to share today is not from a regular photo shoot. I had some upgrades on my equipment and had to make some test shots. So when we went out with my old friend Anya Saxby I took some photos of her.


At the time I was mainly busy with the technical performance of my new lens. However, when looking back at these photos I noticed more. Anya is a talented photographer and artist, and I view the series of her portraits as a little study of an artist’s character. I see a person who has a special, poetic outlook at the outside world and is always in a discovering mode. Experiencing the reality through the filters of her mind, mood and poetry to return that vision through her creations. Add a touch of “Russian soul” here: one’s cultural identity often serves as one of “artistic filters”. Expressive and original, Anya is an inspiring person and artist.


Natural and Poetic Portrait Photoshoot in Rotterdam

Today is a special day to feature the photo session of the beautiful Nicole.

Nicole came to Rotterdam from China to study at the RSM Erasmus University. Now she is graduating from the research master programme and will soon leave the Netherlands.

Nicole told me she was first searching for a good professional portrait to use for the career and social media purposes, when she came across my website and realized she could also do something special: a more romantic photo session to mark her master graduation and the end of her student years in Rotterdam. I was excited to hear Nicole was thinking of a whole album filled with beautiful portraits to commemorate that time and place.

classic and nostalgic portrait with fashion flair

Take a look at the portraits we made on a summer morning at the Arboretum Trompenburg park not far from the Erasmus University. Nicole is not only intelligent and a natural flawless beauty. She moves so gracefully and radiates inner beauty and serenity at every step. You would hardly believe this was Nicole’s first professional photo shoot, so natural and calm she was.


On Books and Inspiration: Portrait Reportage in Leiden

Alex Alsemgeest is a book scientist working on historic-bibliographic projects at the Royal Library in The Hague. Not surprisingly, he has a passion for books and wanted his portrait session to incorporate them as an important part of his life and identity. To Alex books mean not only a source of inspiration and an object of research but also adventure. In the summer he travels through Scandinavia hunting for special books and this hunt brings him to all kinds of exciting places. I love books myself and was immediately inspired by this story!

Alex had just published a book (you can see and order it here, it’s really beautiful) and was presenting it at Naturalis museum in Leiden. He thought Leiden was a great location for such special reportage and I couldn’t agree more. And it was really exciting that we were allowed to photograph in Bibliotheca Thysiana! It is a pearl of an old library: built in the middle of the 17th century specifically to host a library based on a rich private collection by Johannes Thysius. Still practically unchanged.

Zakelijk portret boekwetenschapper