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The Snow Nostalgia

Saying goodbye to the winter that wasn’t there.

White winter at the forest in Moscow suburb

To me, winter without snow is like coffee without caffeine. My Russian soul misses snowy winters, and when I visited Moscow last month I hoped to see enough snow.

We are all aware of climate change, but it was still a shock for me when artificial snow was used to decorate the center of Moscow for the New Year holidays. December 2019 was the warmest in Moscow since 1886 but January 2020 became the warmest January ever. Not a winter I was hoping to enjoy.

During my visit there was some snow after all but it was also humid and windy. I witnessed a single snowy moment that made me think of “normal” winters. I wanted to enjoy it with some nature around, so I went for a walk at a small forest at the outskirt of Moscow. White fluffy snow was everywhere. Such moments always make me feel happy. I made some photos and want to share a little “winter spirit” with you.


Sunset in Tivoli and magic olive garden

Today I want to share one of the personal moments I had this year. In September my husband and I went for holiday to Italy, and my mental batteries are still charged with sunshine and inspiration from that trip. I will have to make a couple of posts and I’m starting with Tivoli.

Sunset in Tivoli


Going monumental: Monet’s water garden at Assumburg castle garden

I have very exciting news about the current “Wonderland” exposition at the Assumburg castle park in Heemskerk.



Upcoming expositions: Rotterdam and Rome

Dear friends, in the next couple of weeks I take part in two nice group expositions and wanted to share the details.


On Saturday 31 August, the Sehnsucht nomad gallery takes part in the Gallery Crawl programme in Rotterdam. It is an event with art, design, performances and artist talks at various gallery locations in the Old North. The exposition of the Sehnsucht nomads (including my work from the “Portals” series) is to be seen at Zwaanshals 470 from 1 PM. Take a look if you are in the city! it’s going to be festive atmosphere, and I hope you’d enjoy the art.

My next stop is going to be Rome. Loosenart contemporary visual arts platform is hosting a group exposition “The Game”. It will open on the 6thof September (the reception is free) and run till the 3rdof October. Save the date if you are there! Location: Millepiani, via N. Odero, 13, Rome.

In Rome I will exhibit a different kind of work: it is my first experience with mixed media, in this case photography and digital art. Of course, this exhibition is an awesome reason to visit Rome again! It’s one of my favorite places and a huge inspiration. Ah, la Grande Bellezza, here I come!

“Wonderland” Exhibition at the Baroque Gardens of Assumburg Castle

I have always enjoyed visiting baroque gardens, and was really excited when I was approached to exhibit my fine art photography at the Assumburg castle park in Heemskerk.



Barcelona vibes

The last month was packed with events and awesome photoshoots. I will share some of them soon. Today I wanted to share some impressions from my recent trip to Barcelona.

As you might remember, my Neon Space series with jellyfish had an Honorable mention in the Pollux Awards, so my work was also part of the group exhibition this month in Barcelona.

Travel, art and meeting people are all great sources of inspiration for me. And I’ve never been to Barcelona! So I was excited to go to the opening reception and the artist dinner and meet other photo artists from around the world. It was a lot of inspiration, and we had a good time.




More travel impressions from France. This time from visit to Saint-Malo, the famous “cité corsaire”, a citadel of privateers and pirates in North Brittany.

the beach of Saint-Malo



Today I want to share some photos I made at Mont-Saint-Michel last February. I had no time to blog it back then, but now it seems like a good moment again. It is the same time of the year, and I would certainly recommend visiting this spectacular monument during an off-season like January-March.

A view from Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel had been on my to-see list for a long time, but I always postponed going there during my summer holidays. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in France, it is visited by some 3 million people annually. For an island of less than one square km it can be really crowded!


Winter Poetry

Each time it snows in Holland I know it won’t last long, so I grab my camera when I go for a walk. The Loet forest is a picturesque nature resort I like to photograph at all seasons.

A lonely apple tree in the winter.


Snow and holiday mood in Karlovy Vary

There will be no white Christmas in Holland this year. So I will share some winter travel photography with snowy moments for more holiday mood.

Precisely one year ago my husband and I made a short trip to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in Czech Republic. It is a charming spa town, and we spent wonderful time there. The weather was also perfect for a winter holiday. There came a snowfall and the next day the trees and colorful houses where decorated with a layer of snow snow.

Forest covered in snow around Carlsbad


Neon space, 12th Pollux Awards and an exhibition in Barcelona

Last summer I spent a day in Stralsund, a picturesque Hanseatic town. One of its biggest attractions is Ozeaneum, which is quite new, only 10 years old. It combines an aquarium and a fantastic oceanographic museum. If you happen to be in this region, I would highly recommend visiting it.

Naturally, I took a camera with me to this spectacular attraction. One of the displays that left me totally fascinated was dedicated to jellyfish. It presented the jellyfish in beautiful spotlights, and their movement mesmerized me. I spent quite a time admiring these creatures while most visitors quickly moved on to see a spectacular shark on the opposite side.

fine art photo of a jellyfish


Autumn colors in Tyrol

Something different than family photography today. I wanted to share inspiring moments from my holiday travel more often but still lag behind. However, this trip is quite recent, just a month ago. My husband and I had a short but fantastic visit to Austria and Italy. We had discovered that autumn with its colors is a great time to visit Tyrol, and we were also blessed with unusually warm and sunny days.

Here are some photos I made during a walk in Wipptal, next to Obernberg am Brenner. We had walked there before, and it’s one of my favorite walking routes in Tyrol. But it was our first time there at this time of the year. I enjoyed both the views and the rich color palette.

The colors of the fall in Tyrol


The Winter is coming!

The winter is around the corner, and “Winterreise” is the theme of the upcoming exhibition at the Sehnsucht Gallery in Rotterdam. I am happy to have my work exhibited among beautiful and inspiring photography by other artists, both Dutch and international.

Winter forest in the mist.

Galerie Sehnsucht is dedicated specifically to photographic art, and I like both the style of the works exhibited there and the pleasant atmosphere of the place. The gallery is located in a historical building: the Hofbogen bows below the former railway line.

The exposition will be open from November 14th till December 22nd. Here is a link to the address and visitors information. Don’t miss it!

100 photos on VOGUE Italy and Timeless Analogue Photography

This week I have a nice round number of photos in my Vogue Italy portfolio: exactly one hundred. The latest photos you can see there were shot on film in the Loet forest, and today I want to share them as a series.

Apple tree with a single red apple on it

In the past months I had this new addiction, and you could often see me shooting analogue with my nice new (old) Rolleiflex. I often walk in the Loet forest in Krimpenerwaard, not too far from Rotterdam. This nature reserve was created in the fifties when some polders where “given back to nature”. It has become a beautiful quiet area with varied flora and fauna. You can walk or cycle through a number of picturesque paths enjoying whatever season it is and observing the nature.


Venice on Color Film

In the past months it had been not only portrait and family photo sessions that kept me nicely busy. I have visited some really inspiring places and believe I want to share my travel photography more often from now on. There are some new art projects I will also share later. Another thing that kept me from blogging and social media lately is analogue photography. After a long brake I began shooting with my old Russian Zenith-E camera and its manual lens (that provides interesting results on a digital camera too).



Venice, part 2

You might remember I wanted to share more photos from my Venetian holiday. Venice is so full of inspiration for me I just could not fit my favorite impressions of it into a single post! Here come more images, a mix of tourist attractions, shabby corners, glamourous shop windows, old and modern art.

When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’.

Friedrich Nietzsche



Winter Moments

As a native Russian I miss one thing in the Netherlands: snow in the winter. Each time it snows here it feels like a gift (I don’t’ talk about traffic collapses now). I am brought back into my childhood with all its joy. Except, at the time my toys did not include a camera. You got it right: here come some photos!




I promised to share more travel photography on my blog and had announced a photo story of my trip to Venice.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

Truman Capote


Venice is undoubtedly one of my favorite destinations. It is full of history, poetry and music. It’s vibrant and melancholic, magnificent and shabby, loud and still. True mystique, romance, art and kitsch are all mixed in this city. Each hour and kind of light evokes its own magic here. It even feels as if different times and worlds coexist in this misty air.


Mystical Mist

I mainly use this blog to feature portrait and family sessions, but believe I should be sharing my travel photos more often.

When I am back from holidays it usually gets busy right away. It takes me a while to look through the photos I made on vacation, and then it’s already a time ago… Fine, I’ll try to work on it right now.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Italy and also visited Venice. I am crazy about this city and will make a special issue with the views of Venice itself and also of some historic Venetian villas outside the city.

Mystical_mist_OlgaRookPhotography OPEN POST

New Photo Series: Pastel

Today I wanted to share something different: a few images from my experimental series. The preliminary title is “Pastel”. When I used to paint and draw pastel was one of my favorite mediums because of its softness.

During my last holidays in France I started a new series inspired by pastel. These photos are created using long shutter speed. It was not meant to show the existing movement. Actually, the idea was quite the opposite this time: adding movement to still objects and scenes. I moved my camera, let it kind of dance, to achieve this vagueness and softness of lines, faded shapes and mixing colors.


The night alley with dark blue sky (“Chorus”) had lately received an Honorable mention at the International Color Awards, and the Chinese vase was published in my online Vogue portfolio a few days ago. Hear are some more photos.