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Children’s Character Portraits in The Hague

In my previous blog posts I featured brothers and boy stories. Today I want to proceed with this topic and introduce little brothers Tom and Coen.

The dunes and beach of Scheveningen are definitely a great location for family photography. The sea inspires such a sense of freedom, and there is so much space to run and play. We held an extended family session here and it was a lot of fun. This wonderful and lengthy reportage is impossible to fit into a blog post. So today I made a small photo selection just with Tom and Coen. These are character portraits that are all about the boys’ world and capture their personality through the mood of the moment.

funny photo of a child


Rotterdam family photography: Boys’ portraits

I my previous post I have featured the story of twins and now want to share portraits of their elder and younger brothers Sem and Bram.

een jongen met een paraplu


Family photography in Rotterdam: Featuring Twin Brothers

Karien contacted me for a photoshoot of her family in Rotterdam. Karien and her husband Henri enjoy active lifestyle. They and their four sons like sport and movement, so it was a natural choice to opt for an outdoor photo session in a spacious park such as the park at the Euromast.

There was an adventurous weather forecast that day, so we took umbrellas with us. But luckily the pleasant sunny morning was interrupted by rain drops for only ten minutes or so, and also then it was fine to move around the park. The family took a walk, played football and enjoyed their good time together as I made photos of them as a group, solo portraits of each of the boys, the brothers together and with the parents.

It was relaxed and fun photo session and everybody did great, so that we have a beautiful reportage. I would like to split this family blog story in two parts and start with a special issue about the two brothers, Thomas and David. As you can see, the boys are twins.

Laughing twin brothers


A Fun Photo Session in The Hague

Today I want to share a series of photos from a wonderful family reportage in The Hague.

Little boy laughing during a family photo shoot in The Hague.

The photo session was a special father’s day present from Gerda to her husband Dirk to have a memorable family moment preserved in beautiful photos. Gerda and Dirk have five children aged from 8 to 16 years old. It was a good occasion for new family pictures and children’s portraits to decorate the walls of their beautiful home, and for a session album to record a happy day together.

The location of our photo shoot was the picturesque Clingendael estate, not far from the family’s house in The Hague. The estate has some elegant classic architectural details, which I eagerly accommodated in the portraits and family pictures. And, of course, in a park like that you can expect plenty of space to play and relax. So the family wisely took a picnic set with them, and the boys had a ball to play.


Children’s portraiture in Delft

As much as I like to capture interaction during a children’s photoshoot, I always look for solo portraits of each child to reveal more of their character and personality. I usually do it in several manners. For example, during this photo session in Delftse Hout, the children where playing in a field of high grass, and such moments can be perfect for semi-candid portraits. And later, during the photo walk, I asked each child for a moment to make dedicated portraits.

I really like to photograph children in both camera-aware and less aware situations as they result in different expressions. Candids can be sparkling with all sorts of emotions or, on the opposite, record a moment of dreamy mental absence. And a straight into the camera look can be as different and vary from confident to thoughtful, from vulnerable to impish. We all have many sides in us, and I love to explore children’s character through a series of portraits.



Children photo session in Delft

Yvette and Manon were looking for a special present for their parents’ wedding anniversary. They decided a series of beautiful and natural portraits of his grandchildren will make a wonderful gift, and I couldn’t agree more.

Yvette’s family lives in the surroundings of Delft, while Manon and her children came for a visit from Germany. Yvette had a great location in mind: Delftse Hout, not far from her home. It has a lake, park and forest area which is perfect for an outdoor photo session.



First Birthday photo session in Apeldoorn

Last August I photographed Nicky’s baptism party, and now the little guy is turning one year old. Saying goodbye to one’s baby time is a special moment to celebrate and to capture for the future.

Nicky’s mother didn’t want a typical staged cake smash photo shoot but a more natural and spontaneous photo session outdoors. Our location was the forest next to Apenheul in Apeldoorn. A wonderful place for walking, picnicking and some adventure.



A Cosy November Day: Rotterdam Family Photography

As promised, here comes the second part of the reportage with Monique and her family in Rotterdam a few weeks ago.

At the beginning of our photoshoot the kids played at home, and then we went for a walk to the Heemraadspark. We had just enough time to enjoy the autumn colors and some sunshine before it got really grey and started to rain.



A Cozy Day in November: Rotterdam Family Photography

Today I want to share with you a family photoshoot I had in Rotterdam at the beginning of November. It was so much fun and the photos have such a nostalgic touch to them.

Monique and Sjan wanted a natural relaxed and freestyle photo session to capture their little daughters Sophie and Elise as they are now. Because Elise is still a baby and because it can be cold and rainy outside at this time of the year, we decided to start the photoshoot indoors and also to go out if the weather allows.



Photoshoot at the Beach: Family Photography in Wassenaar

Today I want to share some photos from an amazing family photo session at the beach. I have a weakness for family traditions and really like the idea of annual family reportages and Xmas pictures. They are more common with my expat clients, and I wish more Dutch families would discover this tradition. Regular photo sessions are awesome in showing the children change and grow.


Zanya and her beautiful family are expats living in Rotterdam, and over the past couple of years we have already explored some local parks together. Now, as their youngest daughter is getting older, Zanya had thought of a different and slightly further location, like a beach. So this time we held our photo session at the beach and forest of Wassenaar.


Sasha’s Birthday: Family Photo Session and a Children’s Party Reportage at Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam

Today I want to share with your some photos from a family and children’s party photo session in Rotterdam last summer.

Nadia and Sergey are a beautiful expat couple from Russia currently working and living in the Netherlands. With their little daughter Sasha turning three years old and a new baby on the way, they wanted to mark that moment in their lives with a natural style family photo shoot and to make Sasha’s birthday party all the more memorable with a reportage of the children’s feast.



A Morning in a Park: Rotterdam Family Photography

As a family photographer I capture precious moments of life for my clients: it is both a privilege for me, and a source of fun. And I love to see my dear clients back to document yet another episode of their story for them!

Last year I photographed this beautiful expat family in Rotterdam, and when I heard that Tuğçe wanted a new photo session I was very excited. I knew it must be a lot of fun again. This time we had chosen as our location another wonderful park in Rotterdam: Arboretum Trompenburg. This park has not many wide laws that are great for larger families. Instead it offers a plenty of routes to explore for couples and families with one or two children.



A “Girls’ Day”: Rotterdam Family Photographer

One of the things I enjoy as a family photographer working on location is that each photo shoot is very different and tells its own story. Today’s reportage is about a fun “girls’ morning” together, and I hope you will like it as much as I do.


A few years ago I photographed Petra and her two little daughters in Rotterdam. In the meantime the girls had grown quite a bit and got a baby sister! It was a good moment to update the family portraits. Petra wanted to photograph the sisters in a natural way as they play and have fun together. With a young baby it is a good choice to hold the photo session at one’s home. So we did, and the warm weather allowed us to spend some time in the garden as well.


Baptism Photography in Apeldoorn: Nicky’s Day

Christenings are such wonderful events to photograph and I was happy to hear from Mariesa who wanted me to document her little son’s baptism in the beautiful Our Lady church in Apeldoorn.

We started our event reportage in the morning photographing baby Nicky at home with all the family that gathered there on his special day. It was a pleasant summer day, and the garden behind the house was large enough for any group portraits. I love all the photos of the charming little guy Nicky with his parents, grandparents and godparents, and everybody else: they show the love in the family and the fun of being together.


Just look at the little Nicky with that happy smile! It was also very special to capture Nicky together with his elder brother Alain. Alain is very caring about his baby brother and likes to play with him. He was very excited about Nicky’s day. I really love their portraits together: so pure and timeless, capturing the boys as they are now and showing their character and their special band. I am also very happy with the portraits of Alain together with his daddy and gorgeous mother.


Bethany’s Big Day: The First Communion Reportage in Apeldoorn

Today I want to share some photos from a lovely reportage in Apeldoorn.

I first met Bethany when she was four years old, and now she had a big day: her first communion.


We started the reportage with Bethany getting ready for the ceremony at home: the moments most girls of any age enjoy so much. Bethany is such a pretty and radiant little lady: it won’t surprise you she looked like a princess in her amazing dress.


Children and family photo shoot in Schoonhoven

Today I want to share a photo set from a photo session with a wonderful family in Schoonhoven.

Renzo and Gonda were looking for new children and family portraits. They prefer natural style photography and liked an idea of an outdoor photo shoot. Our location was a pleasant quiet park in the Schoonhoven. It was a bright sunny morning and the kids were full of energy. They already knew the park but there is always more to explore!


At the beginning little Senne liked to run away from the camera so we started with making portraits of his elder sister Yara. What a lovely model she is! Yara is not only pretty but a sweet person as well and was a joy to photograph and chat with. Senne soon got intrigued about the photo shoot and joined the scene. I love his mischievous smile! And look at that dirty mouth and all the wild fun with his moustache-shaped lollypop. It was also wonderful to capture the brother and sister having fun together, the band they have. And, of course, this beautiful family together.


Family photo shoot in Ridderkerk

One of my biggest pleasures as a family photographer is to see my clients back, observe the children grow and meet the new family members. I was excited to hear from Eva and Gerben, a lovely family from Rotterdam, that they were expecting a second baby and then to plan a photo session with their two little boys!



Gent region children’s photography: Giulia

As promised, a blog feature about Giulia, the youngest sister in a wonderful Belgian family I had a privilege to photograph for several years.

fine art children's photography

Last time I had Giulia before my lens she was a sweet half-year old baby. In three years she had grown into a funny little lady. Observing her made me notice some traits she shares with her elder sisters Emilia and Luisa, but Giulia definitely has a character of her own. Like her sisters and brother she is a delight to photograph. Although she was not my main subject on that day I could not possible ignore her. My multitasking pains were more than rewarded with a spectrum of soulful expressions: from joyful and funny to dreamy and thoughtful. Here are some of these moments.


Matteo’s Photo Shoot: Gent region Children’s Photography

In my recent posts about a children photo shoot in Belgium I told you about little princesses Emilia and Luisa, and today I present to you the new photo model discovery: their brother Matteo.

It is such a feast for the photographer when a child sees a photo session not only as a cool event (which it is!) but also as a means of self-expression. That is essentially an artistic approach, and it doubles the fun on the both sides of the lens!

fine art moody portrait of an impish boy


Luisa: Children’s Portraiture in Gent region

In my previous post I have told you about a family photo shoot in the surrounding of Gent and featured the elder sister, Emilia. Today it’s time to put the middle sister, Luisa, in the spotlight.

When I met Luisa for the first time, she was three years old. Her willingness to pose and her serene look amazed me – she was quite conscious about it, which is exceptional for a young child. Such an angelic look: but then you also notice this impish twinkle in her eyes! This young lady has strong character, knows what she’s doing and enjoys being a model.


I was pleased and a little flattered to learn Luisa wanted to become a photographer when she grows up. She has an innate sense of beauty, and that’s of great value for a photographer. You should view Luisa’s portraits as her own artistic expression.