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Cozy family photo session in Rotterdam

Today I want to share a beautiful family photo session in Rotterdam.

I photographed Zanya’s family annually during the past four years. Each time we made family photos for Christmas cards, wall photos and story-telling photo albums.

As a family photographer I love annual photo sessions. They are great to see the children grow and develop. And for expats with children it is double important to record their time spent in the Netherlands.

We had already held our photo shoots with Zanya’s family at the city park in Rotterdam, at a beautiful botanic garden and at the beach and in the dunes. Now it was time for a cozy indoor photo session.

A cozy moment with two little sisters at home.

Photo sessions at home are always relaxed and fun for children. Besides, they also let you capture some details that will later bring back the atmosphere of the house and the warm feeling of happy childhood. Next year Sophia and Emma will leave the Netherlands, and these photos will become an anchor to their later memories of this period in their life.


Children’s and family photography in Utrecht

Today I want to share another beautiful family photo session that brings back sunny moments into a grey day.

happy mother and daughter in a sunny park

It was our third photo session with Anna-Maria and her family, and the second photoshoot with their extended family. I was happy to meet everybody again and to see how the children had grown. You can feel it at once when you look at the youngest kids. Little Philippa had changed from a sweet baby into a small princess with a strong character behind an angelic face.


In the Dunes of Scheveningen: A Story behind a Photo

Today I wanted to feature a moment from the beautiful photo session in The Hague I shared yesterday.

In this photo you see brother and sister sitting in the dunes. If you think about how this photo was made you will probably think about photographer positioning the children in a picturesque way. But it’s so far from how it really went!

We went down to the beach through the dunes. The children and grownups were having fun, and I walked among them recording special moments. With a big family like that you have to look around really well to follow all the parallel stories unfolding at different sides and not miss any of them. And then you are given a show you absolutely cannot miss.

artistic child portrait in the dunes


Family photoshoot at the beach of Scheveningen

The summer is definitely gone now, but I am lagging behind with my blog. I hope you will excuse me, it’s been such a busy time. I absolutely wanted to share this beautiful family photo session at the sea.

The beach of Scheveningen and adjacent dunes is such a wonderful location for a relaxed photo shoot for children and grownups alike. This time it was at a walking distance from my client’s home in The Hague, so the fun started right away.

Everyone enjoyed their time together, and I was happy to be part of it and to record the happy moments. As I have photographed this family before, I was happy to catch up with everyone, to see how the children grow, observe who has similar traits, and of course greet the youngest brother for the first time.

brothers play and laugh in the dunes


Children’s Character Portraits in The Hague

In my previous blog posts I featured brothers and boy stories. Today I want to proceed with this topic and introduce little brothers Tom and Coen.

The dunes and beach of Scheveningen are definitely a great location for family photography. The sea inspires such a sense of freedom, and there is so much space to run and play. We held an extended family session here and it was a lot of fun. This wonderful and lengthy reportage is impossible to fit into a blog post. So today I made a small photo selection just with Tom and Coen. These are character portraits that are all about the boys’ world and capture their personality through the mood of the moment.

funny photo of a child


Rotterdam family photography: Boys’ portraits

I my previous post I have featured the story of twins and now want to share portraits of their elder and younger brothers Sem and Bram.

een jongen met een paraplu


Family photography in Rotterdam: Featuring Twin Brothers

Karien contacted me for a photoshoot of her family in Rotterdam. Karien and her husband Henri enjoy active lifestyle. They and their four sons like sport and movement, so it was a natural choice to opt for an outdoor photo session in a spacious park such as the park at the Euromast.

There was an adventurous weather forecast that day, so we took umbrellas with us. But luckily the pleasant sunny morning was interrupted by rain drops for only ten minutes or so, and also then it was fine to move around the park. The family took a walk, played football and enjoyed their good time together as I made photos of them as a group, solo portraits of each of the boys, the brothers together and with the parents.

It was relaxed and fun photo session and everybody did great, so that we have a beautiful reportage. I would like to split this family blog story in two parts and start with a special issue about the two brothers, Thomas and David. As you can see, the boys are twins.

Laughing twin brothers


A Fun Photo Session in The Hague

Today I want to share a series of photos from a wonderful family reportage in The Hague.

Little boy laughing during a family photo shoot in The Hague.

The photo session was a special father’s day present from Gerda to her husband Dirk to have a memorable family moment preserved in beautiful photos. Gerda and Dirk have five children aged from 8 to 16 years old. It was a good occasion for new family pictures and children’s portraits to decorate the walls of their beautiful home, and for a session album to record a happy day together.

The location of our photo shoot was the picturesque Clingendael estate, not far from the family’s house in The Hague. The estate has some elegant classic architectural details, which I eagerly accommodated in the portraits and family pictures. And, of course, in a park like that you can expect plenty of space to play and relax. So the family wisely took a picnic set with them, and the boys had a ball to play.


Children’s portraiture in Delft

As much as I like to capture interaction during a children’s photoshoot, I always look for solo portraits of each child to reveal more of their character and personality. I usually do it in several manners. For example, during this photo session in Delftse Hout, the children where playing in a field of high grass, and such moments can be perfect for semi-candid portraits. And later, during the photo walk, I asked each child for a moment to make dedicated portraits.

I really like to photograph children in both camera-aware and less aware situations as they result in different expressions. Candids can be sparkling with all sorts of emotions or, on the opposite, record a moment of dreamy mental absence. And a straight into the camera look can be as different and vary from confident to thoughtful, from vulnerable to impish. We all have many sides in us, and I love to explore children’s character through a series of portraits.



Children photo session in Delft

Yvette and Manon were looking for a special present for their parents’ wedding anniversary. They decided a series of beautiful and natural portraits of his grandchildren will make a wonderful gift, and I couldn’t agree more.

Yvette’s family lives in the surroundings of Delft, while Manon and her children came for a visit from Germany. Yvette had a great location in mind: Delftse Hout, not far from her home. It has a lake, park and forest area which is perfect for an outdoor photo session.