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A Gift for Mother’s Birthday: Children’s portraits

Today I want to feature a photo session with four children in Berkel en Rodenrijs. You probably remember that I am always enthusiast when I learn that children’s photo shoot is meant to create a special gift for one’s partner or parents. With partners it also adds an element of surprise and is often kept secret. As a photographer I love that kind of projects!

Black and white portrait of a boy wearing boxing gloves

The photo session is planned when one of the parents is away for work or meeting friends (or something else is invented to keep them out of the house). Ideally, one does not know what is going on during their absence. Then we have the photo session at one’s home or outdoors and try to keep it secret. That surely adds an exciting element to the shoot.


Nostalgic Children’s reportage in Delft

Today I want to feature a children’s photo session in the center of Delft. The atmosphere was so magical it fits Christmas holidays perfectly.

Timeless children's portrait in the center of Delft

Alaina called me for a photo session of her three children. An expat family from the US spent a few great years in the Netherlands and were now moving on to a new destination. Living in Holland was an important part in their children’s life. The youngest girl, Ella, was even born here. The family needed a beautiful photo story as a lasting memory of their beautiful time in the Netherlands.


Children’s photo session in Rotterdam Schiebroek

Professional children’s photography is a wonderful gift for the grandparents. Roy and his sister had thought of such special present for their parents on a special date. We arranged a photo session with their little children in a park in Schiebroek, and today I am going to share some images from this fun reportage.

Naturally, we wanted to have a beautiful group picture of all four children together. The youngest, baby Thijs, was barely 5 months old. He could not stand yet, and the other children were too young to hold him. To make a nice group picture possible we had to let the kids sit together or, for example, lie on their belly. In the autumn the grass in the morning is mostly quite wet to sit on the ground. The answer was simple: to use a plaid and a layer to put under it. This worked very well: the children were dry and comfortable, and the photos turned out wonderful.

I wanted to incorporate that lovely moment of the children together into natural setting. Open field and trees far behind made a perfect timeless backdrop here. The photo is about the personalities of the children but also about childhood.

Four happy children in a park


Family photo shoot in an urban setting: a walk in Rotterdam

Today I want to share with you some photographs from a family photo shoot in Rotterdam. This reportage is so full of sunshine and happy smiles, it’s like a sip of carefree summer joy.

It was my third photo session with Tugce and her beautiful family. Little Deniz has turned 5, she is a schoolgirl now. When I look at her portraits through these years, I am once again amazed how quickly children grow and how photography can help you mark different stages of that special time and build up a story: of a person and a family.



Faas and Co: the Blue Wall Portraits

Let me feature a little moment from the family photo session I shared yesterday.

The boys had a very active time at the beach, and before we moved on to the dunes we went to a beach café for a cup of tea. I like combining indoor and outdoor portraits within a single photoshoot for a diversity of styles. This was an opportunity. The light inside the café was nicely soft, and I found the vibrant blue color of the wooden wall quite inspiring. It certainly added a special mood. So I asked the boys to seat against that wall for a moment and made a few photos.



Family photo session at the beach in Kijkduin

Today I want to share some photos from a photo session with a wonderful family in The Hague.

Yvette contacted me for a photo reportage of her family and children. She was looking for natural portraits that show everyone’s characters and capture real moments. This is my favorite type of family pictures, and I was excited to hear there were four brothers from 6 to 14 years old.


If you live close to the sea it is usually a natural decision to choose the beach as a location for the photos. It’s definitely a good idea when you have active sporty boys to photograph! So we met at Kijkduin on a sunny morning and had a great photo time playing football at the beach and walking in the dunes.


Amsterdam family photo session

Photographing families in their natural environment is own of my favorite genres. Today I want to share a few images from a family reportage in Amsterdam.



Alain’s first communion

Recently I made a reportage of a first communion in Apeldoorn: let me share with you just one special moment from that wonderful day.



Children’s photography in Utrecht: two little sisters

Today’s blog features a photo session two little sisters in Amelisweerd park in Utrecht.



Rhoon Baby Photography: Little Simon

Today I want to share a lovely family photo session with Bettine, Koen and baby Simon.


We started our photo shoot at Bettine’s house in Rhoon. I often like combining outdoor adventure with indoor moments. Home is a trusted environment where everyone naturally feels relaxed, and it certainly works for young children. Besides, we can accommodate some details of the interior into the photos, and year later these details can help bring back the atmosphere of one’s growing up.


Camera Time

I am into the themed posts lately and hope you like it. Today’s post is inspired by an old home video my mother re-discovered recently. It’s made by my granddad and makes me very nostalgic. At one point I had to laugh and say: that must have been the moment I was holding the camera for the first time! I will share that photo at the end of the post (and comment on the camera model too). But first let me share a couple of favorite photos on this topic from my client’s photo shoots.



Children’s portraiture and Music

Some time ago I had a special blog post featuring portraits with pets. Our relationship with animals says a lot about us. And so do things we enjoy doing, our interests and hobbies. They can add an extra dimension, a story to the photo. That is why I like to incorporate one’s favourite activities into a photo session.

Today’s post is about portraits with music instruments. I have quite a few “music portraits” of grownups, but today I wanted to show you a selection from family and children’s photoshoots.



Pet portraits

Today I have a special issue. I wanted to share this photo I made during a children’s photo session in Amsterdam: a moment when two little cousins hold fluffy guinea pig Nina in their hands. So quiet and serene. But then I realized I like to make a theme post featuring more portraits with pets.

Nostalgic portrait of two little children with a guinea pig.


Amsterdam Children’s Photography: Little Sisters Noor and Maud

Today I want to share more portraits from the childrens’ photoshoot in Amsterdam featuring amazing Noor and Maud.

We had a very varied photo session where the girls could choose what to wear and demonstrated their many talents. These sisters are so creative and were a huge pleasure to photograph! They are both sporty and excellent at rhythmic gymnastics, and Noor also takes classic ballet classes. The girls loved to change outfits, and I enjoyed capturing the colors and styles they chose, as it reflects their personality.

Noor put on her special dress to show me her dancing and gymnastics skills, and looked like a bird of paradise with the bright colors and sparkles. We took a peacock feather from a vase and it fitted the Noor’s costume and artistic mood perfectly.

Kleurrijk portret van een klein meisje


Cozy children’s photo session in Amsterdam: natural portraits and fun moments together

Today I want to share a beautiful indoor children’s photo session. Tjerk and Nienke wanted to give their parents a special gift: a collection of portraits of their four grandchildren, Tjerk’s sons and Nienke’s daughters.

We had a wonderful photo shoot at Nienke’s home in Amsterdam. During the colder season more photo sessions take place indoors, and I always enjoy the combination of fun and coziness of such days.

Two little brothers playing at home.


Loetje the Labrador

My last story would be incomplete if I wouldn’t share with you some dog portraits from the recent children’s photo session in Rotterdam. Here they come, as promised.

photo of a dog wearing a hat


Children photo session in Hillegersberg

Today I will share some photos of three wonderful children from a recent photo session in Hillegersberg in Rotterdam. The idea was a surprise gift for the father: new wall portraits of the children in natural and classic style.

All of us enjoyed this surprise project. We made both individual portraits and some photos of the children together, both indoors and in the garden. Here are some photos.

photoshoot with three children


Cozy family photo session in Rotterdam

Today I want to share a beautiful family photo session in Rotterdam.

I photographed Zanya’s family annually during the past four years. Each time we made family photos for Christmas cards, wall photos and story-telling photo albums.

As a family photographer I love annual photo sessions. They are great to see the children grow and develop. And for expats with children it is double important to record their time spent in the Netherlands.

We had already held our photo shoots with Zanya’s family at the city park in Rotterdam, at a beautiful botanic garden and at the beach and in the dunes. Now it was time for a cozy indoor photo session.

A cozy moment with two little sisters at home.

Photo sessions at home are always relaxed and fun for children. Besides, they also let you capture some details that will later bring back the atmosphere of the house and the warm feeling of happy childhood. Next year Sophia and Emma will leave the Netherlands, and these photos will become an anchor to their later memories of this period in their life.


Children’s and family photography in Utrecht

Today I want to share another beautiful family photo session that brings back sunny moments into a grey day.

happy mother and daughter in a sunny park

It was our third photo session with Anna-Maria and her family, and the second photoshoot with their extended family. I was happy to meet everybody again and to see how the children had grown. You can feel it at once when you look at the youngest kids. Little Filippa had changed from a sweet baby into a small princess with a strong character behind an angelic face.


In the Dunes of Scheveningen: A Story behind a Photo

Today I wanted to feature a moment from the beautiful photo session in The Hague I shared yesterday.

In this photo you see brother and sister sitting in the dunes. If you think about how this photo was made you will probably think about photographer positioning the children in a picturesque way. But it’s so far from how it really went!

We went down to the beach through the dunes. The children and grownups were having fun, and I walked among them recording special moments. With a big family like that you have to look around really well to follow all the parallel stories unfolding at different sides and not miss any of them. And then you are given a show you absolutely cannot miss.

artistic child portrait in the dunes