Yulia: Vibrant portraits in Rotterdam

Let me share with you some portraits of lovely Yulia from a recent photo session in Rotterdam. Yulia is an art curator and one of the founders of XXYZ project on the 20th century art. She is also a dear friend of mine, and I knew our photo session is going to be fun and inspiring.

portrait is a colourful harbour

Yulia loves black and white photography and so do I. We made some timeless noir photos but I want to start with the burst of color we had around us.

We had a terrific morning roaming through the streets of Rotterdam, from the Vierleeuwenbrug to Witte de Wit street and then to the Kunsthal park. It was bright and sunny, with splashes of exuberant colors here and there. So energising, so summer! I like how dynamic Rotterdam adds its character to the photos and how vibrant colors resonate with Yulia’s artistic style.

Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-2 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-9 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-3 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-4Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-10 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-11 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-5 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-6 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-7 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-8 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-12 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-13 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-14 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-15 Instagram-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-OlgaRookPhotography-16

You might be curious what kind of book is Yulia reading with such delight. Well, it is a book about Marcel Duchamp, one of Yulia’s favorite artists. And when you see her listening to music, there is a good chance, it is David Bowie (I didn’t check it now though).

These were some highlights from our color set. Tomorrow I am going to share a series of black and white photos from this photo session. Stay tuned!