Summer photo session in the garden

As promised, here are some solo portraits of my wonderful photo models from Apeldoorn. In the color photos I love how the flowers in the background help create a dreamy palette. And, of course, we have classic black and white character portraits showing different sides of kid’s personalities. The styling is children’s own: a part of fun and creative process for the children.

classic child portrait in black and white

kinderfotografie-portret-buiten kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-2 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-3 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-4 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-5 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-6 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-7 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-9 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-10 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-11 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-12 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-13 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-14 kinderfotografie-portret-buiten-15
What a lovely evening it was! Thank you, dear Bethany, Mienie, Wimpie and Millie!