Children and their horses: a photo session in Apeldoorn

Today I want to share some photos from a recent children’s photo session in Apeldoorn.

It was great to meet gorgeous Josefina and Sylvana again and to see how their children have grown over the past time. The kids are awesome, I always have fun photographing them and having a chat. But they also have some very special skills and this is what I want to show in this blog post.

A girl and a horse

All four of them are great with horses and can ride extremely well for their age. During out photo session they did not even use saddles. Millie is only 4 years old, and just look how brave and confident she is! When I photographed Bethany for the first time she was also four and already so skillful and confident: she is 11 now and had grown into a real pro! Take a look at elegant Mienie and at handsome Wimpie with his cowboy hat. It is amazing to see the kids better and better in what they do every time I meet them.

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I am seriously impressed and enjoyed photographing these moments.

I will be back with some beautiful portraits soon. Stay tuned!