Jane: Fun photo session in Rotterdam after lockdown

After a corona break, photo sessions are back! With necessary precautions and physical distancing, of course. For me as a photographer this is not a issue. I love outdoor adventures and my favorite lens for outdoor photoshoots is a long telelens that won’t even focus closer than 1,5 meters. In real life this lens demands even more space. That means you are safe with me and need not worry!

photo of a joyous woman

Large or extended families and parties may still be difficult for me to photograph in a natural way while meeting the distance requirements – that will have to wait till the limitations are over. Families up to five people in an outdoor setting work out just fine in this situation, and luckily nobody would deny your right to hug, kiss and embrace! I personally will only encourage that!

So for parents with children and for couples it is a wonderful time for a photo shoot again. But don’t forget individual photo sessions too. There may be social distancing but there is still so much beauty around. Actually, if you are tired of lock-down, a photoshoot can boost your energy and help you with a fresh restart.

Today I want to share some photos of my dear friend Jane. She could testify a solo photo session during corona time is fun and energizing. The freedom is in the air!


We held our photoshoot at the outskirt of Rotterdam, at a quiet natural resort area with a lovely view and a lot of privacy. Another trusted trick of mine is: start early! As a result, we had a little beach all for ourselves and could enjoy morning light before it got too bright.

fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-3 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-5 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-7fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-23 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-6 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-8 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-10fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-24fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-11 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-13 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-25 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-12 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-14 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-16 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-18fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-17 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-19 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-20 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-21 fotoshoot-strand-Rotterdam-22

Jane has her birthday today! Happy birthday, dear Jane, you are such an inspiration!