Zinzi: A lifestyle photo shoot in The Hague

A day in the life photo sessions belong to my favorite kinds as they are so full of possibilities. They are perfect for elaborate family reportages and loveshoots with many activities and locations. But it is an excellent option for individual photo shoots as well. It gives you plenty of time to combine indoor and outdoor portraits, visiting several locations and, of course, using more outfits.

Today I want to share some portraits from a half-day photo session I had with beautiful Zinzi in the centre of The Hague. Zinzi wanted to treat herself with a fun and relaxed lifestyle photo shoot. She has artistic taste and a wonderful sense of style, and it was a great pleasure for me to photograph such a lovely and gracious model.


Zinzi’s home is cozy, full of light and art – a wonderful location for airy portraits that express Zinzi’s style. We also went outside to the streets of The Hague. You can see Zinzi cycling and walking through the city decorated for Christmas. But next to urban environment The Hague offers quiet parks as well. It was a bright day in December but the color palette in the parks was more that of an autumn. Golden leafs worked really well as a backdrop for Zinzi’s pink coat. We finished our lengthy walk at a pleasant and stylish café.

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A photo session with so many different settings yielded a lovely lifestyle album. I cannot put all the beautiful photos into a single post but hope you enjoyed this selection.

I had a lot of fun during our photo session a lot. Zinzi is not only beautiful but also a joy to work with: thank you so much for an awesome day!

Wondering if a day-in-the-life photo session would be a good idea for your family or yourself? Call me to chat about your ideas and let’s find out.