Children’s photo session in Rotterdam Schiebroek

Professional children’s photography is a wonderful gift for the grandparents. Roy and his sister had thought of such special present for their parents on a special date. We arranged a photo session with their little children in a park in Schiebroek, and today I am going to share some images from this fun reportage.

Naturally, we wanted to have a beautiful group picture of all four children together. The youngest, baby Thijs, was barely 5 months old. He could not stand yet, and the other children were too young to hold him. To make a nice group picture possible we had to let the kids sit together or, for example, lie on their belly. In the autumn the grass in the morning is mostly quite wet to sit on the ground. The answer was simple: to use a plaid and a layer to put under it. This worked very well: the children were dry and comfortable, and the photos turned out wonderful.

I wanted to incorporate that lovely moment of the children together into natural setting. Open field and trees far behind made a perfect timeless backdrop here. The photo is about the personalities of the children but also about childhood.

Four happy children in a park

After the group picture the children ran around exploring the park and its playground. I could capture some special moments. I loved to see how the children enjoyed doing things together, how the elder ones were protective of the younger.

groepsfoto-kinderen-natuur-OlgaRookPhotography-2 groepsfoto-kinderen-natuur-OlgaRookPhotography reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-2 reportage-kinderen-OlgaRookPhotography-2reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-13 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-6 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-4 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-10 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-3 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-11 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-5 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-7 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-8 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-9 reportage-kinderen-park-OgaRookPhotography-12

On the same morning we also spent extra time making solo portraits of Roy’s little son. Floris is one and a half year old, and it was fun capturing his expressions.
kinderportret kinderportret-OgaRookPhotography kinderportret-OgaRookPhotography-2 kinderportret-OgaRookPhotography-3

I enjoyed our photo session a lot, thank you for a great time!