Fruit garden, blowballs and music: A Family photo session in Limburg

Today I want to feature a wonderful photo session in Limburg. It is usually the parents who initiate a family photo session with the kids. This time it were the children, students, who wanted to give a special present to their parents for a special date. My old client Maaike and her brother Cas knew a photo session is a kind of gift to combine memorable photos and fun family time together. And it worked out awesome!

A joyful family photo session

The location choice was obvious: the family house where the parents live and where the children grew up. It has a lovely spacious garden full of fruit trees and with a great view on the surrounding fields. Walking through this garden on a sunny morning was a joy, and so was capturing the happy atmosphere.

Maaike and Cas plucked some blowballs in the field, and when they blew the flowers’ little parachutes at their parents it was like some fun blessing ritual. It made me think of weddings, when guests blow bubbles at the newly weds after the ceremony.

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It have photographed the happy parents, Marjolijn en Rokus, with their children and as a couple and captured wonderful moments between the parents and the children.

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And when I thought we were ready, I came across a cello and other music instruments in the house. I already knew Maaike was musically gifted but now I learned the love of music was shared by the whole family, and that everybody plays several instruments. This is really special and unique, and I knew immediately that a wonderful family activity like that deserves to be captured.

The family formed an improvised orchestra and played enchanting music in the garden. You just cannot imagine my delight to be in the middle of this scene where the vibes of sound, color and joy melted together!

fotoshoot-ouders-kinderen-limburg-32 fotoshoot-ouders-kinderen-limburg-33 fotoshoot-ouders-kinderen-limburg-34 fotoshoot-ouders-kinderen-limburg-35 fotoshoot-ouders-kinderen-limburg-36 fotoshoot-ouders-kinderen-limburg-37What a wonderful day full of fun and inspiration!