Faas and Co: the Blue Wall Portraits

Let me feature a little moment from the family photo session I shared yesterday.

The boys had a very active time at the beach, and before we moved on to the dunes we went to a beach café for a cup of tea. I like combining indoor and outdoor portraits within a single photoshoot for a diversity of styles. This was an opportunity. The light inside the café was nicely soft, and I found the vibrant blue color of the wooden wall quite inspiring. It certainly added a special mood. So I asked the boys to seat against that wall for a moment and made a few photos.


The photos of the youngest brother, six-year old Faas, make me laugh. He started to play with his glasses and make funny faces. Within a few seconds he gave me a range of special photos showing some facets of his personality. Finding inspiration at random places and getting spontaneous expressions like that make my work a lot of fun!