Children’s photography in Utrecht: two little sisters

Today’s blog features a photo session two little sisters in Amelisweerd park in Utrecht.


Silke and Veerle were such a joy to photograph. It was a bright morning in May, and the juicy emerald green grass you can see on the photographs is not enhanced but exactly how it looked. The grass was still wet when we came to the park, and I like how the girls’ bright rubber boots add to the vibrant cheerful atmosphere. It fits the girls’ character and their gentle age really well.


Some of my favorite portraits from the session are of the girls looking at each other and making faces. I love the funny expressions and how you can see the band and the similarity between the sisters. The strong backlight makes these moments even more lively.

kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-5 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-6 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-7 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-8 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-9 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-10 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-11 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-13 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-24 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-18 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-19 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-20 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-21 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-25 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-12kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-14

At some point the girls had found blowballs to blow at. It is an activity many kids (and grownups!) enjoy, and I was surprised to see how efficient little Veerle was. If there be a competition she would easily become a champion, I believe.

kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-15 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-22 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-23 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-16 kinderfotografie-utrecht_olgarook-17

It was a joyous day full of wonderful moments, and I am happy I could capture it for this beautiful family.