Alain’s first communion

Recently I made a reportage of a first communion in Apeldoorn: let me share with you just one special moment from that wonderful day.


It is always such a pleasure to meet and photograph Mariesa’s lovely family. Now it was a big day for Alain, the elder brother.

There was a beautiful service at the Our Lady church in Apeldoorn and an awesome party afterwards. All family and friends were there to congratulate Alain and celebrate his day together. I enjoy the warm community feeling you get at Mariesa’s events. Good vibes, happy family and friends, kids having fun: a joy to photograph and to be part of it.

Alain was a real star of the day, and it was great to see his winning smile and the sparkle in his eyes. He is a really sweet and kind boy too. He is always caring and protective with his little brother Nicky, and you should have seen him dancing with his gorgeous mother Mariesa at the party.

How can you please a boy (of any age) and make his big day even more fun? I would immediately think of a sports car. A bright yellow Ferrari is a perfect answer. Just take a look at Alain behind the steer. So confident, handsome and elegant, he makes me think of James Bond.


I wish to Alain and his family and friends to keep the wonderful memories of that summer day.