Rhoon Baby Photography: Little Simon

Today I want to share a lovely family photo session with Bettine, Koen and baby Simon.


We started our photo shoot at Bettine’s house in Rhoon. I often like combining outdoor adventure with indoor moments. Home is a trusted environment where everyone naturally feels relaxed, and it certainly works for young children. Besides, we can accommodate some details of the interior into the photos, and year later these details can help bring back the atmosphere of one’s growing up.

Just take a look at the photos of happy Simon riding his rocking horse. This is one of his favorite toys now, and he is so full of joy. Soon, this horse will be too small for Simon to ride. Sweet moments of baby age are precious to capture: here are Simon’s tiny feet in his mother’s hands and all those little moments of joy with mommy and daddy.

In baby photography I also look for one’s character and personality. Simon surely has plenty of it, and I had great fun capturing his expressions. His confident smile could light up a room.

babyfotograaf-Rhoon-11 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-19babyfotograaf-Rhoon-18 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-23 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-24 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-1 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-20babyfotograaf-Rhoon-21 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-22 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-2 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-3 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-4

It was a sunny morning and after making some photos at home we went for a walk at a local park. The bright spring colors fitted our mood so perfectly; the feeling of joy was in the air. I captured some wonderful moments of Simon with his beautiful mommy and daddy, of Simon walking with his father’s help. And this irresistible gaze, as Simon was enjoying a juicy strawberry in the sun.

babyfotografie-Rhoon-4 babyfotografie-Rhoon babyfotografie-Rhoon-2babyfotografie-Rhoon-3babyfotograaf-Rhoon-12 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-9babyfotograaf-Rhoon-14 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-15 babyfotografie-Rhoon-5babyfotograaf-Rhoon-16 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-17 babyfotograaf-Rhoon-13

It is a pleasure for me to photograph a family so much full of love and joy. Thank you, dear Bettine, Koen and Simon!