Barcelona vibes

The last month was packed with events and awesome photoshoots. I will share some of them soon. Today I wanted to share some impressions from my recent trip to Barcelona.

As you might remember, my Neon Space series with jellyfish had an Honorable mention in the Pollux Awards, so my work was also part of the group exhibition this month in Barcelona.

Travel, art and meeting people are all great sources of inspiration for me. And I’ve never been to Barcelona! So I was excited to go to the opening reception and the artist dinner and meet other photo artists from around the world. It was a lot of inspiration, and we had a good time.


Barcelona-11 Barcelona-5I enjoyed discovering Barcelona, its street vibes and the quiet corners. How can you not chill out in a town with palm trees? Just two hours of flight and you have this instant Southern holiday! Plus, I do like tapas.

I could not visit all museums in a couple of days, and will have to come back. Starting with Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya has a great collection and I learnt a lot about Catalonian art.

Barcelona-4 Barcelona-8Barcelona-22Barcelona-6 Barcelona-2 Barcelona-15 Barcelona-7 Barcelona-16 Barcelona-19Barcelona-17 Barcelona-18 Barcelona-23 Barcelona-3Barcelona-21 Barcelona-20

I was also glad to find some awesome photography exhibitions in the city. There was a fantastic exposition of Berenice Abbott at the Fundacion MAPFRE showing Abbott’s portraits of artists and intellectual circles of the 1920s and 1930s, the changing face of New York of that time, as well as her work for the MIT Museum, illustrating the laws of physics in scientific and at the same time marvelously abstract images. There was even a special room dedicated to the work by the French artist Eugène Atget, whose work Berenice Abbott admired and promoted. All this in an elegant building.

At the Virreina Palace on La Rambla you can visit the exhibition showing the famous typological portrait series by August Sander. It is fascinating and transfers you to another time. At La Virreina you can now also see a beautiful and inspiring photo collage project “Womankind” by the Peruvian photo artist Maria Maria Acha-Kutscher. Both expositions run until 23 June and are free to visit. Highly recommended!


My first experience with Barcelona was very inspiring and I would love to visit it again.