Camera Time

I am into the themed posts lately and hope you like it. Today’s post is inspired by an old home video my mother re-discovered recently. It’s made by my granddad and makes me very nostalgic. At one point I had to laugh and say: that must have been the moment I was holding the camera for the first time! I will share that photo at the end of the post (and comment on the camera model too). But first let me share a couple of favorite photos on this topic from my client’s photo shoots.


I believe it is a good idea to incorporate personal interests in children’s portraits. When a child grabs a camera I have all the understanding for this impulse, you know. And I like to capture it. So here is a small selection with a lovely range of expressions. And I must say some of my young models are already really good in photography!

kinderportret_OlgaRook-3kinderportret_OlgaRook-16camera1camera5kinderportret_OlgaRook_4 camera4camera camera2
And here is me, almost two years old. Well, you understand that this was a little early for real practice but it was likely my first experience behind the camera. Naturally, when I saw this videao, I was curious what camera exactly it was. Over the years my grandfather had several ones. This one is Kiev IV, a rangefinder, and we do not have it any longer. I am adding yet another still from an old film video, where I am a little older. The quality is poor here but you can see my plastic toy camera quite clearly. So it started…

klein-3 klein

I am grateful to my grandfather for all the family and travel photos he made for decades, for his example and inspiration. The family albums are invaluable to me and give me a sense of connection with my family, even with the times before I was born.

Now you’ve seen my first camera, and if you want to include a camera in a family photo shoot of your children or yourself, with me you are always welcome.

portret-met-camera_OlgaRook fotoshoot-OlgaRook