More travel impressions from France. This time from visit to Saint-Malo, the famous “cité corsaire”, a citadel of privateers and pirates in North Brittany.

the beach of Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo has a charming old town and impressive ramparts: a huge restoration work, as in 1944 the city was heavily bombarded by the Allies (they mistakenly believed it hosted large German troops).

A walk on the city walls is fascinating and so is the beach. It is famous for extreme tides. We first visited in at low tide when one could just walk on the sea bottom to the nearby islands and fortifications. I was blown away by the atmosphere and beauty of this place and the amazing panorama on the city you get from a distance.

Next day as the water was higher the forts and islands were surrounded by water again. In the summer the beach is very popular with tourists, and throughout the year one can enjoy thalassotherapy at the luxurious hotels in the area.

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Visiting Saint-Malo during a less busy season felt wonderfully relaxed and inspiring. Highly recommended!