Rotterdam portrait photo session: Marjan

When you put together a profile on a dating website, you want it to show who you are right away to connect with similar-minded people. Photographs – if you chose them right – can introduce you in seconds.

photo of an elegant smiling lady in a park

Marjan was looking for new portraits to use for her dating site profile. She is a beautiful 60-year old lady, stylish, intellectual, outgoing and full of energy. Marjan found it important that the photos should be natural and reflect her personality.

One’s home is a great place to start with informal photos in your own element. So we began our portrait session at Marjan’s apartment in the center of Rotterdam. It was fun to incorporate books, wall art and design elements into the portraits: these are all clues to Marjan’s lifestyle and add something to her story.

And not to forget Meko! He is a most friendly and enthusiast dog who loved to join Marjan on the pictures. We closed our photoshoot with a walk with Meco in a park across the road from Marjan’s house. Marjan playing with Meko: another typical moment in her everyday life.

Marjan_OlgaRookPhotographyMarjan_OlgaRookPhotography-3 Marjan_OlgaRookPhotography-5 Marjan_OlgaRookPhotography-4 Marjan_fotoshoot_LinkedInhondenfotografie-Rotterdam Marjan_OlgaRookPhotography-2Marjan_OlgaRookPhotography-6 Rotterdam_hondefotografie Marjan_fotoshoot-Rotterdam fotoshoot-met-hond-Rotterdam

It was a lot of fun to photograph Marjan, as she is a charismatic and inspiring person and a lovely woman. I am glad that our series of photographs reflects Marjan’s character and style. And I was not surprised to hear that adding photos to her story online was an immediate success. The vary same day the number of men intrigued by the updated online profile increased enormously. This did bring together a practical issue: Marjan had to assign extra time to get through all these messages and profiles on a regular basis. But she has enough energy to handle this luxury problem. Our intention is to have new photo session soon: together with Marjan’s new friend.

Thank you for the great time and inspiration, Marjan!

Did you like the photos and also want to have your portraits made (for example, for LinkedIn or a dating site profile)? Then get in touch and tell me more about your wishes!