Children’s portraiture and Music

Some time ago I had a special blog post featuring portraits with pets. Our relationship with animals says a lot about us. And so do things we enjoy doing, our interests and hobbies. They can add an extra dimension, a story to the photo. That is why I like to incorporate one’s favourite activities into a photo session.

Today’s post is about portraits with music instruments. I have quite a few “music portraits” of grownups, but today I wanted to show you a selection from family and children’s photoshoots.


When I photograph a child who plays some music instrument, I often ask them to show it to me and to play a little. Objects used in a photograph can act as memory anchors, and music instruments are certainly among the strong ones. They form an important part of one’s life experience and involve many senses, which makes them deeply rooted in one’s memory. Such portraits will later activate emotions and vivid memories; recall that time of growing up. They are also about learning and self-expression.

Sometimes I see how children are drawn to their parents’ or elder sibling’s instruments and try to play. These moments are also precious. They are about curiosity and exploring the world, and great fun for me to see and to capture.

So here are some photos for you. We’ve got piano, guitar, violin, and saxophone here! Enjoy the good vibes! And if you plan a professional photo session for your children, consider including some hobbies and interests into it.

kinderportret-muziek_OlgaRookkinderportret-muziek_OlgaRook-4 kinderportret-muziek_OlgaRook-6kinderportret_OlgaRook-14kinderportret-muziek_OlgaRook-3Muziek_OlgaRookPhotography-4 kinderportret_OlgaRook-7Muziek_OlgaRookPhotography-2kinderportret-muziek_OlgaRook-5kinderportret-muziek_OlgaRook-7

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