Pet portraits

Today I have a special issue. I wanted to share this photo I made during a children’s photo session in Amsterdam: a moment when two little cousins hold fluffy guinea pig Nina in their hands. So quiet and serene. But then I realized I like to make a theme post featuring more portraits with pets.

Nostalgic portrait of two little children with a guinea pig.

So here is my selection. I love the tenderness, joy and the feeling of connection between the human and the pet in these photos.

kinderportret-met-hond_OlgaRook kinderportret_met_hondkinderportret_met_paard_OlgaRook-12hondje1kinderfotografie_paard_ponykinderfotografie-paard-manegekinderfotografie_met_hondkind-met-hondfoto-met-hondje portret-met-hondje2 portret-met-hondmet-kat

Pets are family members. So if you plan a photo session with me (whether outdoor or in your home), your pets are always welcome in the picture.

And here are some “solo” portraits. Everyone who used to have a dog or a cat knows very well that each animal has their own character. And you can see it in the photos too.

portret_hondjewindhondhondenportret_1kattenportretportret-paardhondfoto_kat foto_hondportret-hondjehondjepaardenportretkathondenfotografie hondenportret hondehportret2

I hope you liked my small selection of pet photography.

If you are interested in a family photo shoot (with or without pets), please take a look at my family photography portfolio and get in touch.