Winter Poetry

Each time it snows in Holland I know it won’t last long, so I grab my camera when I go for a walk. The Loet forest is a picturesque nature resort I like to photograph at all seasons.

A lonely apple tree in the winter.

This time it was a quiet greyish afternoon. The light was soft and the colours understated, with a mix of cold tints with warmer earthy shades. Some snow made the lines of grass and trees so graphic, and I loved the poetic atmosphere with a touch of melancholy and sometimes mystery. Here are a few photos, I hope you like them.

Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-8 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-10 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-11 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-12 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-14 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-16 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-18 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-5 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-9 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-6 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-4 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-23 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-15 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-7 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-24 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-19 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-21 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-25 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-17 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-3 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-2 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-22 Landschapfotografie_OlgaRook-13

I guess it will take a while before we see some snow again.