Amsterdam Children’s Photography: Little Sisters Noor and Maud

Today I want to share more portraits from the childrens’ photoshoot in Amsterdam featuring amazing Noor and Maud.

We had a very varied photo session where the girls could choose what to wear and demonstrated their many talents. These sisters are so creative and were a huge pleasure to photograph! They are both sporty and excellent at rhythmic gymnastics, and Noor also takes classic ballet classes. The girls loved to change outfits, and I enjoyed capturing the colors and styles they chose, as it reflects their personality.

Noor put on her special dress to show me her dancing and gymnastics skills, and looked like a bird of paradise with the bright colors and sparkles. We took a peacock feather from a vase and it fitted the Noor’s costume and artistic mood perfectly.

Kleurrijk portret van een klein meisje

Maud had shown me their Guiney pig Nina, and it was touching to see how sweet and caring she was to the little fluffy pet. And how do you like Maud wearing vampire teeth she did not put away after Halloween: she really enjoys dressing up! The girls also showed me a collection of mysterious vintage keys and the grandfather’s saxophone. So fun and adventurous!

I loved photographing the girls in a variety of settings: Maud’s gentle silhouette in the window and her sunny freckles as she smells the flowers, Noor’s smile as she does her golden hair in front of the mirror, all the expressions so full of character and poetry. It was also a joy to capture the girls together and with Nienke: I particularly like the photo where the girls happily closed their eyes as their beautiful mother embraces them.

Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-7 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-18Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-24Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-9Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-21 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-8Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-10Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-22Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-34Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-15 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-5Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-16Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-32Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-28 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-23 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-14 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-26Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-19Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-12Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-13 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-4 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-17 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-30 Amsterdam-kinderfotograaf-OlgaRook-27

It was a wonderful photo session full of inspiration, and I hope you like these photos as much as I do.

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