Cozy children’s photo session in Amsterdam: natural portraits and fun moments together

Today I want to share a beautiful indoor children’s photo session. Tjerk and Nienke wanted to give their parents a special gift: a collection of portraits of their four grandchildren, Tjerk’s sons and Nienke’s daughters.

We had a wonderful photo shoot at Nienke’s home in Amsterdam. During the colder season more photo sessions take place indoors, and I always enjoy the combination of fun and coziness of such days.

Two little brothers playing at home.

In this blog post I will show some portraits of the two boys:  Fenne who is six years old and his little brother Ies, who is three. The brothers have very different characters, but love to play together, and Fenne likes to explain things to his younger brother.

I liked capturing a range of moods and expressions that show the boys’ personalities. And it was fun to see the brothers doing things together, like playing games, trying to play saxophone or use a vintage type-writer. Fenne can play chess and tried to explain the basics to his little brother. It was also fun to photograph the kids together with their parents.

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I am really happy with the natural portraits we made, and hope you like them. The boys’ cousins were also an enormous fun to photograph, and I will feature them in the next blog post. Stay tuned!

Interested in a photo session? Winter with its cold and grey days is great for capturing children’s fun time and for cozy family moments together. Take a look at my children’s portfolio page and call me to chat about your special wishes.