Loetje the Labrador

My last story would be incomplete if I wouldn’t share with you some dog portraits from the recent children’s photo session in Rotterdam. Here they come, as promised.

photo of a dog wearing a hat

Loetje is a white Labrador. She is happy, friendly, loud and chaotic. She is very fond of the children and was around us during the photoshoot. However, she did not really like to be photographed. Even bribing her with dog cookies did not work well: Loetje got too excited and would not wait for a nice photo. Luckily, we still managed to make a couple of quick photos. Here is one with Simon.


In the end it was little Olivier, Loetje’s best friend, who was able not only to catch her for a second but also to get a hat on her head. That was hilarious, and the photos make me smile. Hope you like them too!