Cozy family photo session in Rotterdam

Today I want to share a beautiful family photo session in Rotterdam.

I photographed Zanya’s family annually during the past four years. Each time we made family photos for Christmas cards, wall photos and story-telling photo albums.

As a family photographer I love annual photo sessions. They are great to see the children grow and develop. And for expats with children it is double important to record their time spent in the Netherlands.

We had already held our photo shoots with Zanya’s family at the city park in Rotterdam, at a beautiful botanic garden and at the beach and in the dunes. Now it was time for a cozy indoor photo session.

A cozy moment with two little sisters at home.

Photo sessions at home are always relaxed and fun for children. Besides, they also let you capture some details that will later bring back the atmosphere of the house and the warm feeling of happy childhood. Next year Sophia and Emma will leave the Netherlands, and these photos will become an anchor to their later memories of this period in their life.

As usual, we made both solo portraits and family pictures. It was really cozy in the house with the fire in the fireplace on a grey day. Some photos are so nostalgic, I could not resist giving them a retro touch. And then the girls made a delicious chocolate cake. Sophia wants to become a chef when she grows up and knew what she’s doing. And Emma had grown so much since last year, and also did her best.

Here are a few photos from our photo session.

fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-2 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-3 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-4 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-5 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-6 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-7 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-8 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-10 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-9 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-11 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-12 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-13 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-14 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-15 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-16 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-17 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-18 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-19 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-20 fotoshoot-thuis-olgarook-21fotoshoot-thuis-winter-olgarook-2 fotoshoot-thuis-winter-olgarook fotoshoot-thuis-winter-olgarook-3 fotoshoot-thuis-winter-olgarook-5 fotoshoot-thuis-winter-olgarook-4Het was een plezier voor me om dit mooie gezin weer te ontmoeten en te fotograferen. Van harte bedankt voor de leuke tijd!

It was a pleasure for me to meet and photograph this beautiful family again. Thank you for the wonderful time!

Have you also thought of a photo shoot for your children and family? Winter is a great time for cozy and nostalgic photos, both outdoors and indoors. Take a look at my family photography page and contact me to chat about your special wishes.