Children photo session in Hillegersberg

Today I will share some photos of three wonderful children from a recent photo session in Hillegersberg in Rotterdam. The idea was a surprise gift for the father: new wall portraits of the children in natural and classic style.

All of us enjoyed this surprise project. We made both individual portraits and some photos of the children together, both indoors and in the garden. Here are some photos.

photoshoot with three children

Lovely Julie is sixteen. She has her own style and is a future fashion designer. She told me one of the things that inspired her was giving vintage clothes a new life by adapting them to modern style. That sounds very appealing to me, as it is both creative and ecological.

fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-5 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-6 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-18 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-3 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-8 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-7

Simon is twelve. He is not only sporty but also has a keen eye as a photographer. We expended his photography experience with some modeling now, and Simon’s true camera was one of the obvious attributes.

fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-9 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-14 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-10 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-12 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-13 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-11

Olivier, the youngest, is a most expressive little guy. He proudly rides a yellow mini motorbike and was able to put a hat on their dog’s head (this deserves a special feature)! I was able to capture Olivier’s most dreamy and angelic expressions when he was talking about the specs of a laser gun he had seen in a toy catalogue. Boys will be boys!

fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-15 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-16 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-17 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-19 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-23 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-20 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-21 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-22 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-25 fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-24fotoshoot-kinderen-Rotterdam-2

I had so much fun during this photo session. Thank you for the fantastic morning, guys!

Are you also interested in a photo session for your children or family? Take a look at my portfolio page and get in touch to chat about your special wishes.