Neon space, 12th Pollux Awards and an exhibition in Barcelona

Last summer I spent a day in Stralsund, a picturesque Hanseatic town. One of its biggest attractions is Ozeaneum, which is quite new, only 10 years old. It combines an aquarium and a fantastic oceanographic museum. If you happen to be in this region, I would highly recommend visiting it.

Naturally, I took a camera with me to this spectacular attraction. One of the displays that left me totally fascinated was dedicated to jellyfish. It presented the jellyfish in beautiful spotlights, and their movement mesmerized me. I spent quite a time admiring these creatures while most visitors quickly moved on to see a spectacular shark on the opposite side.

fine art photo of a jellyfish

As you can see, I made some photographs too. What I like about these images, is that the flowing movement takes such abstract shapes, while the mysterious dark blue water reminds me of outer space.

fineart_fotografie-OlgaRook-2 fineart_fotografie-OlgaRook-3 fineart_fotografie-OlgaRook-4 fineart_fotografie-OlgaRook

I have already shared these photos on my Vogue portfolio, and have also sent them for the 12th Pollux Awards photo competition. The series received and Honorable mention (Abstract category, professional division). It was also selected by the curators to participate in the group exposition in Barcelona in May 2019.

I am almost embarassed to say it, but I haven’t been to Barcelona yet. This exposition might be a nice occasion for me to finally plan this trip!