Children’s and family photography in Utrecht

Today I want to share another beautiful family photo session that brings back sunny moments into a grey day.

happy mother and daughter in a sunny park

It was our third photo session with Anna-Maria and her family, and the second photoshoot with their extended family. I was happy to meet everybody again and to see how the children had grown. You can feel it at once when you look at the youngest kids. Little Filippa had changed from a sweet baby into a small princess with a strong character behind an angelic face.

We spent a lovely morning at the Wilhelmina park in Utrecht. It is a wonderful location for a family photo session and is just a few minutes walk from Anna-Maria’s house. The children immediately started to play, and the grownups enjoyed their time together. It was real fun, and I made all kinds of photos recording the characters of the children, family ties and lots of love in this family.

Here are some photos of the children.

kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-2 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-3kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-5kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-4kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-6kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-7 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-11 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-12 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-13 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-14 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-15 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-21 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-22 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-23 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-24 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-16kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-18kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-17kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-19 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-20 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-25 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-26 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-27 kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-28kinderfotograaf-utrecht-OlgaRook-29

Thanks a lot for the wonderful day!