Family photoshoot at the beach of Scheveningen

The summer is definitely gone now, but I am lagging behind with my blog. I hope you will excuse me, it’s been such a busy time. I absolutely wanted to share this beautiful family photo session at the sea.

The beach of Scheveningen and adjacent dunes is such a wonderful location for a relaxed photo shoot for children and grownups alike. This time it was at a walking distance from my client’s home in The Hague, so the fun started right away.

Everyone enjoyed their time together, and I was happy to be part of it and to record the happy moments. As I have photographed this family before, I was happy to catch up with everyone, to see how the children grow, observe who has similar traits, and of course greet the youngest brother for the first time.

brothers play and laugh in the dunes

The boys took a ball with them, so at the beach the family played football. I was particularly impressed with the energy and technique of the kids’ elegant grandmother! As the sea wasn’t cold yet, the children went to search for seashells and walked with the feet in the water. This is always a wonderful sight, and especially poetic during the sunset.

I love how varied a family photoshoot like this can be. There are family picture, solo portraits showing children’s characters, and lots of lifestyle reportage moments. Here are some photos, and I hope you like them.

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Thank you for the wonderful photo session, everybody!

Are you in for a fun family photo session? The season does not matter, as the fun comes from the people! Take a look at my children and family photography page and call me to chat about your wishes.