In the Dunes of Scheveningen: A Story behind a Photo

Today I wanted to feature a moment from the beautiful photo session in The Hague I shared yesterday.

In this photo you see brother and sister sitting in the dunes. If you think about how this photo was made you will probably think about photographer positioning the children in a picturesque way. But it’s so far from how it really went!

We went down to the beach through the dunes. The children and grownups were having fun, and I walked among them recording special moments. With a big family like that you have to look around really well to follow all the parallel stories unfolding at different sides and not miss any of them. And then you are given a show you absolutely cannot miss.

artistic child portrait in the dunes

Diederick went to sit on a dune in such a picturesque and dreamy way. As my lens followed the boy, his younger sister Olivia immediately joined him. The children were posing deliberately and did it in such a beautiful way. They knew I would love the scene and photograph it.

I believe, children today are much better aware of how they will look on the photos then we did at their age. But this is still very special to me as a photographer, when the children are involved so artistically and consciously. It is a creative collaboration, and we all enjoyed this.


I love how timeless these photos have become. You see the band between the brother and sister, their connection with nature, and the magic spirit of childhood.

Thank you, dear Diederick and Olivia, for your artistic mind!