Family photography in Rotterdam: Featuring Twin Brothers

Karien contacted me for a photoshoot of her family in Rotterdam. Karien and her husband Henri enjoy active lifestyle. They and their four sons like sport and movement, so it was a natural choice to opt for an outdoor photo session in a spacious park such as the park at the Euromast.

There was an adventurous weather forecast that day, so we took umbrellas with us. But luckily the pleasant sunny morning was interrupted by rain drops for only ten minutes or so, and also then it was fine to move around the park. The family took a walk, played football and enjoyed their good time together as I made photos of them as a group, solo portraits of each of the boys, the brothers together and with the parents.

It was relaxed and fun photo session and everybody did great, so that we have a beautiful reportage. I would like to split this family blog story in two parts and start with a special issue about the two brothers, Thomas and David. As you can see, the boys are twins.

Laughing twin brothers

I was excited to hear that there were twins to photograph. It is a fascinating task for me as a photographer for several reasons. I like to explore the very special band the twins have with each other, to capture how much they share and have in common while also showing their distinctive personalities and unique features. I was looking for various ways to show the brothers next to each other to highlight both their similarities and uniqueness.

David and Thomas are also mirror twins, a more unusual type of identical twins. That means some of their features look like mirror reflections. For example, the boys’ hair whorls in opposite directions. Thomas and David have a totally cool haircut, so I gladly used this symmetry vs asymmetry element in their portraits.

I made a whole series of boy’s portraits and hope you like the resulting twin photo story as much as I do.

tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-3 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-5 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-4 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-7 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-9 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-10 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-13 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-14 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-15 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-11 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-16 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-17 tweeling-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-8

The boys’ brothers Sem and Bram were also wonderful persons and great photo models, and I want to share their images in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in a photo session for your children and family, read more on my  children’s photography and how it works and call me to discuss your special wishes.