Children’s portraiture in Delft

As much as I like to capture interaction during a children’s photoshoot, I always look for solo portraits of each child to reveal more of their character and personality. I usually do it in several manners. For example, during this photo session in Delftse Hout, the children where playing in a field of high grass, and such moments can be perfect for semi-candid portraits. And later, during the photo walk, I asked each child for a moment to make dedicated portraits.

I really like to photograph children in both camera-aware and less aware situations as they result in different expressions. Candids can be sparkling with all sorts of emotions or, on the opposite, record a moment of dreamy mental absence. And a straight into the camera look can be as different and vary from confident to thoughtful, from vulnerable to impish. We all have many sides in us, and I love to explore children’s character through a series of portraits.


Two-year olds normally would not wait for you to take photographs of them, so it is all about observing them, interacting and waiting for the right instance. I find there is often an element of sheer luck that adds some little detail and makes a photo more special. For example, if you look closely at the photos of the little blond Neave, you can see a little blowball seed floating next to the girl, and on another photo, a small fly just above her head. Some images where you do not see the face of the child convey a mood that is more universal, evoking the idea of childhood.
kinderportret-DelftseHout-3kinderportret-DelftseHout-5 kinderportret-DelftseHout-6 kinderportret-DelftseHout-7 kinderportret-DelftseHout-8 kinderportret-DelftseHout-9 kinderportret-DelftseHout-10 kinderportret-DelftseHout-11kinderportret-DelftseHout-2 kinderportret-DelftseHout-12 kinderportret-DelftseHout-13kinderportret-DelftseHout kinderportret-DelftseHout-19kinderportret-DelftseHout-16 kinderportret-DelftseHout-17kinderportret-DelftseHout-21kinderportret-DelftseHout-24kinderportret-DelftseHout-25kinderportret-DelftseHout-22 kinderportret-DelftseHout-23kinderportret-DelftseHout-26 kinderportret-DelftseHout-15kinderportret-DelftseHout-27kinderportret-DelftseHout-28 kinderportret-DelftseHout-29 kinderportret-DelftseHout-31 kinderportret-DelftseHout-32 kinderportret-DelftseHout-33
The children were great, and I had a lot of fun during our photoshoot. And I like how the photos from our reportage show the children how they are now, and also their spirit and characters.

If you interested in a photo session for you family or children, please take a look at my children photography page and get in touch with me to talk about your wishes.