A Fun Photo Session in The Hague

Today I want to share a series of photos from a wonderful family reportage in The Hague.

Little boy laughing during a family photo shoot in The Hague.

The photo session was a special father’s day present from Gerda to her husband Dirk to have a memorable family moment preserved in beautiful photos. Gerda and Dirk have five children aged from 8 to 16 years old. It was a good occasion for new family pictures and children’s portraits to decorate the walls of their beautiful home, and for a session album to record a happy day together.

The location of our photo shoot was the picturesque Clingendael estate, not far from the family’s house in The Hague. The estate has some elegant classic architectural details, which I eagerly accommodated in the portraits and family pictures. And, of course, in a park like that you can expect plenty of space to play and relax. So the family wisely took a picnic set with them, and the boys had a ball to play.

I really like the combination of individual portraits, photos of siblings, of the kids with the parents, and spontaneous funny moments we created in this family photoshoot. It is quite difficult for me to make a selection of photos for the blog, so I decided to show some “freestyle” photos we made after we were ready with the portraits and family pictures. I always like it when the children get loose. When it was a moment for goofy faces I made some close up photos with the wide-angle lens: the distortion one gets this way just fits that summer fun mood so well.

fotoshoot-DenHaag-10 fotoshoot-DenHaag-11fotoshoot-DenHaag fotoshoot-DenHaag-8fotoshoot-DenHaag-24 fotoshoot-DenHaag-18fotoshoot-DenHaag-6 fotoshoot-DenHaag-12 fotoshoot-DenHaag-13 fotoshoot-DenHaag-22 fotoshoot-DenHaag-15 fotoshoot-DenHaag-17 fotoshoot-DenHaag-19 fotoshoot-DenHaag-16 fotoshoot-DenHaag-20 fotoshoot-DenHaag-21

I was told that originally, the children were not too much in the mood for a photo session, but afterwards they said it was a lot of fun. It is at the core of my approach to family photography to let everyone enjoy their time together, to move around, varying the scene and the activities. That is what we did in the Clingendael park, and I absolutely enjoyed photographing this family. Thank you so much, guys!

If you want to learn more about my photo sessions, please check out my family and children’s photography pages. And feel free to call me to chat about your ideas and personal wishes.