Children photo session in Delft

Yvette and Manon were looking for a special present for their parents’ wedding anniversary. They decided a series of beautiful and natural portraits of his grandchildren will make a wonderful gift, and I couldn’t agree more.

Yvette’s family lives in the surroundings of Delft, while Manon and her children came for a visit from Germany. Yvette had a great location in mind: Delftse Hout, not far from her home. It has a lake, park and forest area which is perfect for an outdoor photo session.


Since the weather forecast wasn’t very good, we had a backup plan and enough umbrellas with us. When the children are not too young, a little rain could even be fun. But luckily, we were blessed with a pleasant summer day, and the children enjoyed it. Playing hide and seek in the field with high grass, blowing at blowball flowers and just running around: such moments are precious to capture, and I really loved being part of this.

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Naturally, we also wanted to present the grandparents with a photo of all children together, and I like the results. You can see the all children being themselves while they enjoy being together and burst with joyous energy.


In my next post I would like to share some beautiful individual portraits from this photo session.

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