Rotterdam family photography: Boys’ portraits

I my previous post I have featured the story of twins and now want to share portraits of their elder and younger brothers Sem and Bram.

een jongen met een paraplu

We had a photo session in the park in Rotterdam, mixing happy family group photos with individual portraits of the children. In each photo shoot I try to include some dynamics and variation. Changing activities and the scenery helps to keep it fun and exciting for everybody. Plus, I am always looking for nice backgrounds and good lighting (that may change from minute to minute). I was constantly switching between the children, sometimes directing them a bit, and sometimes grabbing an expressive off-moment. For example, look at Bram’s contented grin on his photos under an umbrella: it just started to rain, and Bram was the quickest to grab an umbrella and protect himself from raindrops.

I made a series of portraits for both Sem and Bram and like how these photos reflect the boys’ character and capture a range of moods. These portraits are really natural and timeless.

tiener-portret-Rotterdam familie-fotoshoot-regen-Rotterdam-2 tiener-portret-Rotterdam-4 kinderfotografie-Rotterdam-2 tiener-portret-Rotterdam-3 tiener-portret-Rotterdam-2 kinderfotografie-Rotterdam fotografie-broeders-Rotterdam

The boys were a joy to photograph, and I really enjoyed this family photo session. Thank you for the wonderful morning!

Do you like the style of these photos and want to arranging a photo session for your family? Then learn more about my family and children’s photography and get in touch via email or phone.