Friendship photo session in Antwerp

Having a photo session together is a wonderful way to celebrate those special bands within a family or a couple, between siblings or friends.

Today I want to feature a friendship photo session with two beautiful ladies in Antwerp. You can call their friendship life-long, as the girls became best friends already at the nursery school! Decennia later when the ladies live relatively far from each other (one in Belgium and the other in the Netherlands) this friendship is as warm as ever.


The photo session was planned so as to have the photos ready for the ladies’ birthdays (they happen to be close to each other). Our location was a cozy home and beautiful garden in the surrounding of Antwerp.

We knew it could be cold outside, so my models have prepared some warm comfortable outfits to fit the season, and I really like their style. We had some rain indeed but it did not diminish the amusement. A warm cup of tea at the porch and in the garden made it cozy at once.

Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-3 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-4Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-10Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-11 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-9Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-2 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-6 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-15Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-8 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-14 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-12 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-13 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-7 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-16 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-17 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-18 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-19 Antwerpen-vriendschap-fotoshoot-OlgaRookPhotography-20

In my experience, changing outfits can add a distinct fun factor to ladies’ photo shoots, and when you have more than one girl, it easily becomes a kind of party! My models enjoyed their “girl time” together and so did I. Such beautiful and elegant ladies are certainly a joy to capture. But I’s not their allure and style alone that makes these photographs special, it is the soul connection one can sense.

Real friendship is a blessing, thank you for showing us this wonderful example, dear ladies!