Women Portraiture in Antwerp

In the previous post I told you about a wonderful friendship photo session in Antwerp. My models were two beautiful and elegant ladies, and of course we combined photos together with solo portraits. The ladies prepared a couple of outfits to wear in the garden and indoors. This variation of place and colors added up to the overall fun we had with this photoshoot. A real girls’ time together.

Take a look at some of the photos. These ladies are awesome. They are not only beautiful but also confident and have their own style.


portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-OlgaRook-2 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-OlgaRook-3 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-4 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-5 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-7 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-6 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-9 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-8portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-10 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-12 portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-11portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-15portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-13portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-14portret-fotoshoot-Antwerpen-16

I absolutely enjoyed spending creative time with them! Thank you, dear ladies!