Jeannette: Winter photoshoot in Maastricht

Jeannette wanted to give herself a special birthday present: an artistic photo session. Being an adventurous spirit inspired by nature, Jeannette thought of an outdoor location. She grew up and lives in Maastricht and enjoys the beautiful nature of South Limburg. That made our choice of location easy: Pietersplas, a nature resort on the Maas next to the Maastricht Marina.


At first, Jeannette hesitated between planning her photo session in winter or in spring, but her preference went for January after all. Her birth month has a special quiet poetry to it. And I believe it is a great choice for photography in the area around a lake. And that brave choice was blessed by a wonderful weather on the day of the photo shoot! It was still golden hour when we started, and I love how it adds a warm glow to the scene and to Jeannette’s gorgeous hair.


On our path we even came across wild koniks. Koniks are a rare horse breed close to the extinct tarpan, the original wild European horse. This breed originates from Poland and was introduced to Dutch nature resorts because they help to preserve delicate ecosystems. Jeannette often came across these horses during her walks in the area and hoped they might graze close to our route. Luckily, they did! Koniks are quiet, so Jeannette could stay rather close to them. This added a special touch of connection with the nature to our photo walk.

fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-3 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-9fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-6 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-8 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-5fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-7fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-11 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-10

The morning was surprisingly warm, but still it was winter. So Jeannette took a thermos with hot tea with her. What a peaceful moment: sitting at the lake with a cup of tea, a poetry book and a diary.

fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-14 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-13 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-15 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-19 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-20 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-12 fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-16fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-17fotosessie-natuurgebied-maastricht-18fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur

Tomorrow I will tell you more about this beautiful photo session. Stay tuned!