Jeannette’s winter photoshoot in Maastricht: part 2

Today I want to share more photos from Jeannette’s photo session in Maastricht.


A personal photo shoot is not just about picturing what you look like. It is an opportunity to express yourself. And it’s great to be able to show more sides of your personality: at least, when you want a series of portraits.That’s why I encourage my clients to take more than one outfit to their portrait sessions. Changing colors, clothing styles or accessories can help you say more about yourself. Plus it can add even more fun to the process!

I like how Jeannette’s warm cardigan fits the winter landscape to show the connection with the nature. And I was glad Jeannette took her sports outfit with her: it helps to reveal her energetic sporty side. And then a dress for a fashion feel. Luckily, it was warm enough without a winter jacket on that day.fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur-2fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht-4fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht-6fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht-10fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht-12fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht-7fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht-9fotoshoot-natuurgebied-maastricht fotoshoot-portret-maastricht-2fotoshoot-sportief-maastricht-4 fotoshoot-sportief-maastricht fotoshoot-sportief-maastricht-3 fotoshoot-sportief-maastricht-2 fotoshoot-sportief-maastricht-1 fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur-3 fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur-4fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur-5 fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur-6 fotoshoot-Maastricht-natuur-8fotoshoot-portret-natuurgebied-maastricht fotoshoot-sportief-maastricht-5fotoshoot-portret-natuurgebied-maastricht-2 fotoshoot-portret-maastricht

We had a lot of fun during the photo shoot. Tired and satisfied, we went for a lunch at a nearby café, and there I could not resist making a portrait of Jeannette against a dark wall with a lamp pattern. I like the mysterious glow face effect.

Thank you for a wonderful day, dear Jeannette, I really enjoyed it!