First Birthday photo session in Apeldoorn

Last August I photographed Nicky’s baptism party, and now the little guy is turning one year old. Saying goodbye to one’s baby time is a special moment to celebrate and to capture for the future.

Nicky’s mother didn’t want a typical staged cake smash photo shoot but a more natural and spontaneous photo session outdoors. Our location was the forest next to Apenheul in Apeldoorn. A wonderful place for walking, picnicking and some adventure.


The morning of the photo session turned out really chilly. There was quite some snow and frost in the park. Although we expected a warmer day, the winter light was beautiful. I like the subtle and fresh frosty colors, transparent trees, quiet and peaceful nature preparing itself for the explosion of spring energy.

Nicky cannot walk yet, so we had relatively short time before he would feel cold. But in this short time the family had a lot of fun and we created a wonderful reportage.

Alain, Nicky’s elder brother, is most attentive to little Nicky. He had proudly lit a candle for Nicky’s cake and played with his baby brother. When it was time for Nicky to go home I still made some photos of Alain, and what a photo model he is!

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I really enjoyed the photo session with this beautiful family. I liked to portray the boys together, solo and with their parents. It was all about capturing love, fun and the deep connection. I can imagine how little Nicky will cherish the photo book of his first birthday when he grows up.