Photo session with a Glass Artist

Ria is a glass artist based in Hoenderloo in Gelderland. She was looking for portraits of herself together with her artworks to use for media coverage about her. I always enjoy working with creative professionals and love glass art, so I was immediately excited about this photo session.


I arrived at an idyllic picturesque place surrounded by the woods and was met by a beautiful and graceful lady who seemed to step out of a pre-Raphaelite painting. The whole setting felt almost magical, even before I have seen Ria’s wonderful glass work. It is very organic, with elegant outlines, rich colors and fancy motives – a real pleasure to look at.

We took several photos of the artist with her creations, as well as of Ria’s studio and artworks apart. Here are some photos from the series.

portret-voor-creative-professional-2 portret-voor-creative-professional-3 portret-voor-creative-professional-9 portret-voor-creative-professional-4 portret-voor-creative-professional-10 portret-voor-creative-professional-11 portret-voor-creative-professional-8 portret-voor-creative-professional-7 portret-voor-creative-professional-6 portret-voor-creative-professional-12

Photographing Ria was a lovely experience. Thank you for magic and inspiration, dear Ria!