Saeed and Saeedeh: A Romantic Photoshoot in Rotterdam

Today I want to share a wonderful love story photo session in Rotterdam.

Saeed and Saeedeh originally come from Iran. They met each other as students, and academic career brought them to several countries. For the past years, they live and work in the Netherlands. It’s been ten years since their marriage, and it was certainly time for a special photoshoot together.


Both Saeed and Saeedeh liked to include some autumn colors in their photo session and we started our photo story at the park next to Euromast in Rotterdam. It’s wonderful to see such romantic band that is also proved by time. The name Saeed and its female version Saeedeh means “happy, fortunate”, and you can clearly see they are lucky with each other. Saeed looks so strong and protective, while Saeedeh, a real Persian beauty, is graceful and radiates serenity and allure.

loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-4 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-3 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-5loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-8 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-9loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-7 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-11 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-10 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-2 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-12 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-13 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-14loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-16

We had a pleasant walk in the park and enjoyed some sunshine before it started to rain. We were well prepared for changeable Dutch weather, and Saeedeh had an umbrella with her. Together in the rain is a romantic moment in itself, and I like how the Eiffel tower print on the umbrella adds a special touch to this scene.

loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-17 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-18 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-19 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-20 loveshoot-beloved-fotoshoot-Rotterdam-21

This was part one, and the rest of this story comes tomorrow. Stay tuned!