Saeed en Saeedeh: A Romantic and Cozy Photoshoot in Rotterdam

Here comes the second part of the beautiful loveshoot photo story with Saeed and Saeedeh in Rotterdam.


We started our photo session in the park and had both sunshine and rain. When the rain got strong and we decided it was time for a cup of coffee. We went to a café, and I could not avoid making some photos in this nostalgic and cinematic atmosphere. The strong contrast between light and shadow also made me think of Edward Hopper paintings.

It turned out Saeedeh took two pomegranates with her – a powerful ancient symbol of love. Perfect for this story. All of a sudden, the colors in the scene mixed into an expressive palette that was just right… I like the symbolism and the deep emotional connection in these portraits.

loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-2 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-4 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-3 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-5 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-7 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-6 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-8loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-11loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-9loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-12 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-13 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-14 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-15 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-16 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-17 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-19loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-20 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-21 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-23 loveshoot-Rotterdam-beloved-fotoshoot-24

This couple is wonderful and I enjoyed being their photographer a lot. I hope Saeed and Saeedeh and later their children will cherish these photos and album as a special memory. Thank you, dear Saeed and Saeedeh!