A Cozy Day in November: Rotterdam Family Photography

Today I want to share with you a family photoshoot I had in Rotterdam at the beginning of November. It was so much fun and the photos have such a nostalgic touch to them.

Monique and Sjan wanted a natural relaxed and freestyle photo session to capture their little daughters Sophie and Elise as they are now. Because Elise is still a baby and because it can be cold and rainy outside at this time of the year, we decided to start the photoshoot indoors and also to go out if the weather allows.


I must say I really like to do photoshoots with a combination of indoor and outdoor moments, they offer such a variety of photos. With this photo session it also worked wonderfully. There were so many fun things to do at home and outside. Just within a couple of hours we had an amazing day in the life reportage.

When I arrived, Sophie was brushing her teeth (her daddy helped her). She was immediately very excited with a new guest and willing to run and to play. As the girls played with their parents and with each other I captured the joyful chaos and the coziness of their time together. It was also touching to see how Sophie, so young herself, cares for her baby sister. There was a lot of playing, drawing on the damp window glass, reading a book about the frog’s birthday, and more. I learnt that Sophie’s favorite old dolls belonged to Monique and I find it great when our toys continue to entertain our kids, it is yet another connection within a family.

Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-2 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-3 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-4 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-5 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-6 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-7 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-8 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-27 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-9 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-26 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-10 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-11 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-12 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-13 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-14 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-15 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-16 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-28 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-17 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-18 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-19 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-20 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-21 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-22Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-23 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-24 Fotoshoot-thuis-Rotterdam-fotograaf-OlgaRook-25

After a while it was getting brighter outside and we went to a park. Tomorrow I will share the second part of this story. Stay tuned!